About a week after Caleb was born Manfriend texted me and said he was bringing me home a present. He presented me with a box of brownies and I was excited because I had been craving brownies and cookies. It wasn’t my real present though; he bought me a Kindle. I had mentioned I wanted a Kindle so I could read in bed using one hand rather than two. If you’ve ever read in bed you know how awkward it is to hold a book in a comfortable position and then have to turn the page and become uncomfortable because you can’t angle the book properly. It stinks.

So now I have a Kindle and I read at night or we play Scrabble before bed. I absolutely love it and because Manfriend bought it and is a deal-finder, I know he got a great price. It took me a while to learn how to navigate and the first few days I spent playing games on it because I hadn’t downloaded a book onto it. Now, I can say that I have successfully downloaded one book: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, I know. I am really behind on jumping on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo bandwagon but I have been busy and preoccupied.

The thing I really love about the Kindle is the built in Dictionary; now I can learn new meanings of words in the palm of my hand! I also splurged and bought the fancy lighted leather cover with the built in light so reading at night is a breeze. The light is powered by the Kindle itself so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries or having to run out and buy a watch battery to use your light. I remember the commercials touting that it “really looks like paper” and it is totally true. Reading on my Kindle is exactly like reading a book on paper. It actually looks like the print is on the screen and there is no glare so you can read it anywhere.

I like that I can store loads of books on this handy device and have the option of reading depending on my mood. Because the Kindle bookmarks your latest page, you don’t have to worry about riffling through a book trying to find your place (because we all do that). Overall, I am really pleased with the Kindle and will definitely be taking this with me when I go back to work so I can read during my break in between classes. A great gadget to have on the “Journey to Thirty” that is both educational and fun!

3 thoughts on “Kindle

  1. Bah! I scoff at your precious Kindle. Back in the good old days we could manage just fine w/ a lamp and a book. And, back in those days, humans were limber enough to change positions so they didn’t have to use two hands to hold up the book. But at least you got those brownies so that is a positive. : )

  2. You didn’t? Please…

    And it’s funny you said the brownies weren’t the “real present.” They are realer than Real Deal Holyfield! Thought you knew…

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