Caleb: 1 Month

I’ve seen on many other blogs the “monthly photos and milestones” pictures/posts and I think it is a great way to track an infant’s development. I decided our monthly picture will be taken with a huge hippo I purchased from IKEA because it is big enough that Caleb won’t dwarf it as he grows and it is especially cute.

Caleb’s Stats:
Height: I’m going to guess around 23 inches because at his last appointment is was almost 22.
Weight: 11lbs 8oz of pure love. He is a porker and nurses like a champ.

(We chose this picture because it is hilarious!)

Milestones: Caleb has made eye contact since he was born and loves mimicking our faces (especially when we stick out our tongues). He has been “tracking” objects and is getting more and more interested in bright lights and loves looking at the television. He is slowly discovering his hands and loves touching his head and feeling my skin while he nurses. He has been smiling a ton when he farts/poops and has just recently graced us with cute little smiles. Manfriend gets more smiles than I do but I still get to see them! Caleb has also started making lots of new noises such and he has been laughing in his sleep lately; I have to admit that this is my favorite thing.

033 (5)


040 (2)

026 (4)

Likes: Sleeping on my chest. He prefers this to anything. Caleb also loves laying on our ottoman and staring at our pictures on the wall. He loves when I sing to him or hum songs; he also loves soothing music (cue Adele here). Since Caleb is a porker it should be no surprise that he loves eating. In fact, there are many times while he nurses that he stops and smiles. He looks so content and happy when he is eating. Caleb also LOVES bath time. We knew he would have to like water since we both love it so much but this little guy could hang in his tub for hours if we let him. Caleb loves car rides and being in the car seems to relax him a lot; it must remind him of the movement he felt inside my belly. Caleb just started to like the mobile in his swing and he loves watching it go round and round. He seems to enjoy being freed from his swaddle (we call this Baby Prison). He spends the majority of the night groaning and grunting and trying with all of his might to break free. I have an idea to make the swaddle blankets look like the Incredible Hulk’s arms because when he bu

sts out, it is truly a feat of superheroes.



Dislikes: He does not like getting out of the bath. Caleb also dislikes when we put on a new diaper, not when we take the old one off. I think he would rather hang in an old diaper than deal with a new one being put on him. Waking up hungry. Being tired. Caleb has a window of about 3-5 minutes where he is content after waking up and just looks around; if I don’t nurse him at this time all hell will break loose because he will soon realize he is hungry and scream. Too much stimulation. Being put in his car seat; he freaking hates being strapped in.018

Caleb doesn’t cry much at all. In fact, he only really cries when he is hungry or tired. When he is tired is the worst and nothing will make him happy. I am amazed at what I have learned about him. I can tell when he is tired or hungry just by how he acts. When he is tired he will thrash and head bang my breast and try to nurse and then scream. I eventually just stand up and slow-dance with him and he falls asleep. Caleb hasn’t cried once at night and we are so thankful for that. He does still keep us up with his grunting though so it’s not like we are getting quality sleep by any means. Overall, this last month has been an exciting learning period. I am learning more about Caleb and myself everyday. I still get frustrated when I am tired and need a break and I sometimes cry when I get really stressed out but this is all par for the course. He is getting so big and changing so much already. It’ll be fun (and a little bittersweet) to watch him grow before our eyes.016 (7)


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