Knitting is for Babies

I’ve been knitting like crazy these past few months. I have made a couple of things for Caleb and some things for our friends’ little girl. If you knit or crochet, you should (if you aren’t already) become a member of Ravelry because you can find lots of amazing patterns for free or for a small fee. Most of the patterns I used below are from Ravelry but two of them are just patterns I made up.

I can definitely tell that I am becoming a better knitter by the day because I am starting to become quick and am making less mistakes. I have started to make things that are more difficult and notice that the new techniques are becoming easier for me to pick up! It only took bout 3 years…

Little Button Loafers

I purchased this pattern for $5.95 and I LOVE how these turned out. They were unbelievable quick and easy to make. In fact, I think I completed them in one day.

These are going to look so darn cute on Caleb’s little feet that I cannot wait until he will fit into them. I made the 9 mos size because I have a feeling this baby will not be little and will more than likely have big feet!

Converse Baby Booties

This was a free pattern and they are so flippin’ cute in real life! I made a pair of these for my coworker’s baby and knew I would make a pair once we had a baby.

These are knitted flat and then you sew the ends together. This definitely makes it a good beginner project but I notice that I prefer projects that knit in the round rather than flat- it just looks better to me. You don’t have to knit the little white circles with the stars, but it definitely makes it look more authentic!

Mary Jane Booties

This was another free pattern and is also knitted flat. These were pretty easy but the button hole is so small that you have to use incredibly small buttons to fit. I made these for our friends’ little girl. I still have them here because the button kept falling off but they are a small size so the baby will certainly grow out of them quickly.

I used a really soft satiny yarn and I think that makes them 100% better. Definitely worth it to try if you are new to knitting.

Baby Hat

I made this hat without a pattern because it is just a basic cap with a pom-pom thing at the top. I love the yarn I used and it definitely makes the hat more interesting that it would be had I just used a solid yarn.

This is also a really simple and quick project. If you can knit in the round, then you can make a basic baby hat. I have more of this yarn and am thinking about making myself a hat out of it as well. It is just so soft and pretty! This will definitely look cute on our little baby’s head this winter.

Baby Bear Hat

Again, this is a hat I made without a pattern. It is just a basic knit cap and then I crocheted the ears and sewed them onto the hat. I used the same yarn for a hat I knit Manfriend a couple of years back so they will match…though I won’t be sewing and bear ears onto Manfriend’s hat.

I think both this hat and the previous hat will be involved in the newborn photo shoot my sister and brother-in-law have so graciously agreed to do for us!

Shell Stitch Beanie

This is probably one of my favorite things I have ever made and it was freakishly easy and quick…and free! I finished this hat in less than 3 hours! I made this for the same little girl as the booties and I cannot wait to see how it looks on her. It should fit her by winter time, but it is also light enough and cute enough to be used well into spring.

The flowers definitely make the hat “pop” and the pattern is easy enough to alter that you could make it for any head size.

Elijah Elephant

This pattern cost about $5 and I also purchased a couple other patterns from this place as they are all so adorable. It is a seamless knit, which means all of the limbs and ears are NOT sewn on but rather picked up and sewn into the elephant. To be totally honest, this made it a total pain in the butt. It makes it look better but in terms of easy of maneuvering, it made it a little cumbersome so I decided that with the next pattern, I will just sew the limbs on separately.

The scarf isn’t part of the pattern but I just thought it made it look so much cuter with a scarf on! Hopefully Caleb will learn to love his little stuffed animals I make him…or else.

Right now I am working on “Wrap Me Up Puppies” from the book Itty Bitty Toys. These are adorable little puppies that kids can wrap in little swaddle blankets. I decided to make one that looks like Chloe and one that looks like Butters so Caleb will have a puppy that looks like each one of his dogs. Currently, I am 90% finished with the Chloe puppy and about 40% finished with the Butters puppy. I am so excited to see what these look like when I am finished! If you want to see what they look like, check out Never Not Knitting’s; she did a fabulous job!

Knitting is so relaxing and I love the gratification of completing a project. I won’t be able to knit for a little while since I am busy with our adorable newborn…but there is definitely more to come!

3 thoughts on “Knitting is for Babies

  1. The little button loafers are so cute!!! Caleb is so lucky to have a mommy to knit him actually cute stuff as opposed to ugly sweaters. Any chance the flower beanie comes in adult size…? 🙂

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