Aches and Pains

Growing up, my mom would say, “you have more aches and pains than a pregnant lady” when we complained about little things. I am sure we just rolled our eyes at it…but now it all makes sense! While I have had some aches and pains during pregnancy, Manfriend does a great job of reminding me that I shouldn’t complain too much because my pregnancy has been so “easy”.

Honestly, it has been pretty easy and I have been very lucky. Besides the previa and the baby being breech (neither of those caused me any pain), I haven’t had the issues that many other pregnant women have. I can still bend over completely and touch the floor, which lemme tell you, gets lots of reactions because I guess it’s hard to bend over when pregnant? I am not miserable, even at 40 weeks and haven’t felt many pains that accompany the baby being so big. I attribute a lot of this to how tall I am. At 5’11”, this baby just has lots of room because I have a longer torso than most people. So, I know my “easy” pregnancy has a lot to do with genetics and I am pretty thankful for that.

Below are the aches and pains I have encountered during my pregnancy. Warning: some may not be too appealing to you.


Evening nausea: I threw up one time but that was because of the iron in my prenatal vitamin. Other than that, I had nausea from about 8-16 weeks, not too bad. It kicked in like clockwork each night around 4pm.

Sleepy: All of the time. For reals, I took naps in my car in the middle of the day.

Sore breasts/nipples: These things grew immediately. In fact, I got many comments on how large my breasts were in the first trimester. Crazy what people feel compelled to tell pregnant women. My nipples hurt so bad I winced every time I had to hug someone. It’s a lot easier to suck it up and hug someone and feel searing nipple pain than to say “I can’t hug you right now because my nipples are on fire” and have someone look at you like you are bonkers.

Itchy nipples: Yeah, I know, weird. They itched like crazy and I couldn’t wait to get home from work, take off my bra and rub the heck out of them…as weird as that sounds.

Constipation: Well, anyone who knows anything about pregnancy knows this is a given. It happened to me too. Thankfully, my obsession with watermelon helped things out and I didn’t suffer too much.

Bleeding: This happened once and scared the bejesus out of me. Thankfully it was nothing serious and only happened because Manfriend and I had intercourse. Apparently your cervix is so vascular and swollen during pregnancy that intercourse and pelvic exams can cause spotting.


Nothing. Seriously, I felt amazing. I could sleep well, I had energy, and I looked good. Everyone says this is the best part of pregnancy and I have to agree.



No sleep: This has only been a recent thing. Once I hit 37 weeks, I started to have issues sleeping. I toss and turn all night and end up staying up late and waking up early. (I am also keeping Manfriend up, which I feel horrible about).

Hip pain: This is my Achilles heel. I started having hip pain around 33 weeks and it hurts like hell. Usually it only hurts at night. There is no solution because pregnant women are supposed to lay on their sides and when I lay on my sides, that is when my hips burst into flames. I have a pregnancy pillow but trust, nothing helps. I spend the whole night flip-flopping onto whatever side doesn’t hurt at the moment.

Discharge: Something no one really warns you about… As you all know, a vagina is a “self-cleaning oven”, so it is normal to have discharge at all times during a woman’s cycle. But those last few weeks of pregnancy- sheesh! I will spare you the details but will tell you, it’s comparable to a leaky faucet.

Pubic pain: OK, I have never felt anything like this in my life. Ever. I had read about the pubic bone pain but thought I was fortunate to not have it. Ha! It kicked in arou

nd 36 weeks when it first happened, I took a step and thought my pubic bone was going to break in half. No exaggerating. It doesn’t hurt all of the time but when it does, it is killer. I end up gasping with each step I take. Pressure does feel good on it so thankfully I am in the privacy of my own home when I deal with it. (If you want to see what is happening, Google a photo of the pubic bone and you can see that there is a space where each side of your bone meets [ligaments or something] and that is stretching out getting ready for baby to descend).

Swollen fingers: This leads to sore knuckles in the am. Each morning I wake up to sausage fingers and they hurt to close, so I spend a few minutes opening and closing my fist to make the swelling go down. Now I have sympathy for people who suffer with arthritis because if this is just a sample, it must be pure hell. One thing I haven’t had at all is swollen ankles. My midwives constantly comment that they can still see my ankle bones. I guess my swelling is only in my fingers…and I am OK with that.

Driving the GrumpTruck: This is totally me the last couple of days and I hate it. I have been so grumpy and I know that it bothers Manfriend because I inevitably end up taking some of it out on him. I am just so ready to have this baby and be able to sleep on my stomach and drink alcohol.

Big Nose: Most of my close friends know I hate my nose. I mean, I hate it. So imagine my luck when I looked in the mirror a couple of weeks ago and noticed my nose looked bigger. I am not making this up. It is fatter and nasty. I read about this so I know it isn’t in my head. I also brought it up to my midwife who said “well, you are just round everywhere right now… but it’ll go away once he is here”. Yeah I know. I expected my whole body to swell up these last few weeks but my nose!? Aww man.


So, that’s pretty much it. While some of the hip/pubic pain may seem dramatic- they only occur at certain times; they aren’t constant so that makes it bearable.

I know of many women who have: been sick their whole pregnancy, suffered high blood pressure, had massive swelling, severe back pain, rib aches, loads of stretchmarks, leaking breasts, sciatic pains, pre-term labor, contractions (I’ve only had about 10), intrauterine growth restriction, scary bleeding, hemorrhoids, issues peeing their pants, bad skin, and the list goes on… So you can imagine how thankful I am to have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.

Caleb is due today and I have honestly really enjoyed my pregnancy. I love feeling him move and know I will miss that more than anything. I just hope my pleasant pregnancy hasn’t jinxed me into having a long and painful labor. Eek.

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