One Year Down

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since starting my Journey to Thirty! Two weeks ago I turned 29 and I can honestly say that the last year has been one of the most exciting and eye-opening years of my life. Some of the biggest events that took place over the last year:

1. Manfriend and I decided to start a family.
2. I quit my full-time office job to pursue teaching full-time.
3. Manfriend and I got engaged.
4. Manfriend bought a new car (this may not seem like a big event to some, but if you knew the fear I had while riding in his old car, you would know how much of a relief his new car is).
5. I got pregnant and we are expecting our little boy in eleven days!

That is a lot for one year but I think this next year might be as eventful with planning a wedding/honeymoon, buying a house and raising a child. The events of this year have taught me a lot about myself but they have taught me even more about relationships.

One of the biggest things I have noticed is the role of friends and family in all of this. Some of the people I had thought would be most involved in all of these changes haven’t been and the people I had thought would take a backseat during these changes have stepped up. It has been really surprising but it has reinforced the notion that you can never predict human behavior.

My family has been one the biggest support systems. I think most of them were shocked when we announced our plans to start a family. Then when we got pregnant AND decided to get married (which is something I had been against my whole life) I think they were definitely shocked but certainly excited for us. The pregnancy has definitely changed my relationship with family. I want them around for the baby and I know they want to be around for the baby so it feels great to have their support at this time.

My friends have also been a great support system; one friend in particular. I was sort of nervous to tell this friend about the pregnancy because I didn’t know how much he would want to be involved. To my surprise, he has been so involved in learning about the pregnancy, talking about the baby and the future and how it will impact all of us in a variety of ways. It isn’t that I thought he wouldn’t be interested but I was worried it would change our dynamic. Thankfully, it hasn’t and he has been the best friend I could ask for at this time.

I appreciate the people who take time to ask how the baby and I are doing, who want to spend time with us before the baby comes, who have volunteered to bring us food or clean those first weeks after the baby comes and the people who are genuinely excited for us.

All of this has made me realize that you don’t need to sit down and talk about how much you mean to one another but that the actions of friends and family really has proven how much we mean to them and we hope our actions have shown how much they mean to us.

I wonder what this next year will be like. It is sure to be busy, messy, stressful, scary and fun but I know our friends and family will make it one of the best years of our lives.

2 thoughts on “One Year Down

  1. Wow insightful post. It really is crazy how much things have shifted for you two in the past year. Obviously the baby and engagement are major events for any and everyone, especially since it is the first baby for you.

    You’re absolutely right about the unpredictability of human behavior, as well. That’s great that there have been awesome people supporting you two throughout all this. On the other hand, there are A holes who decide to pack up and leave to move across the country before the baby is born! : P

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