Blue/Green Striped Nursery: Complete

We finally finished Caleb’s room. Yep, in case you didn’t know- we picked a name. Caleb it is. We are pretty much done now…just waiting on the main event to grace us with his presence! When I initially posted about our nursery progress, we had only completed painting the two colors and I had finished one piece of art. Now I feel relieved to have it all ready to go.

The picture below is of our little reading/nursing area. We received loads of books at our baby shower and Manfriend and I have been reading to him at night to get him used to it. Hopefully Caleb should thoroughly enjoy reading because we like reading to my belly.

Reading/Nursing Nook

These are the Nikki McClure prints I purchased online. You might remember them from my first post about the baby’s room. They look so great in the room and I love that once Caleb grows out of them, I can move them into another room!

Nikki McClure Art

This is the diaper changing area. Kinda basic. I made sure to put a couple of living plants in his room; I think they make any space look better. We still need to get a little fan to put in there (to help prevent SIDS) but he will be sleeping in our room for the first couple of months and we definitely will have a fan in there.

Changing Area

This are the baby name letters we painted. I painted the consonants and Ty painted the vowels. I admit, I am shocked that I like his letters better. Pssh.

004 (2)

This rocking horse is something we received from Manfriend’s family. Each little boy born into the family receives this rocking horse (each little girl receives a doll bed). So we get to keep this for Caleb until another boy is born. The best part? Manfriend actually remembers riding on this rocking horse!

002 (3)

This the dresser area. I bought these cute frames that say “happy” and “sad”, so I can take a picture of Caleb when he is smiling and one when he is screaming and frame them. I love this idea! The dresser and the closet are pretty much full to the brim. I am pretty anal so I have all of the clothes organized by sizes. The top drawer has 0-3 months, the middle has 3-6  months, and the bottom drawer has 6-9 months. All of the clothes are separated by style (onesie, sleeper, pants, shirts) in drawer separators. The closet is full with clothes for 9 months+.

Dresser and Crib

The pictures below are pieces of art I made for Caleb. I did the elephant first using a fine Sharpie pen and chalk pastels. The tiger was done using a thick Sharpie pen and chalk pastels. The picture I took of the elephant is a bit glare-y, but you get the idea. I like the softness of the elephant photo and the hardness of the tiger.

 002 (4)

003 (3)

What’s missing? I didn’t take a photo of the Crayon Art I made a few months back. We also have a cool Manga-style picture that my brother drew as well as a painted card we received at the baby shower that we have framed, but I did those late so I didn’t get a picture of them. I think that’s about it! It was surprisingly fun to do…and easy!

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