My Pansy Maiden Diaper Bag

You might remember my post from last October about my love for Pansy Maiden bags so it should be no surprise that I desperately wanted a handcrafted diaper bag from the amazing Laura Collins. Since she doesn’t make diaper bags on the regular, I asked her to do a special project for me.

The whole process was really fun and exciting. She told me where to go to find twill fabric and laminated cotton (for the inside so you can wipe any spills away with ease) and so I sent her about 3 fabric choices for the twill and the laminated cotton. I told her she could then pick the final fabrics because I would enjoy the surprise…and I knew she would pick something fabulous.

On the day of our baby shower, my diaper bag arrived! You can imagine how excited I was so I immediately ripped it open and showed it off. People LOVED it and I am can definitely say that she exceeded all of my expectations. The bag is perfect. There are numerous places to hide bottles, pacifiers, wipes, clothes, blankets and she provided dual straps so that you could attach 2 arm straps if you prefer them over one shoulder strap. The best part? The bag came with a diaper mat and zippered bag to place used diapers in while traveling.

I love that no one else has this diaper bag and that whenever people ask me about it (which I am certain will happen) I can tell them where to get one made. It doesn’t look like a “mom” bag and it definitely fits my personality. I cannot wait to fill it up and test it out!

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