These Dreams Part II

These Dreams Part II

Of course the dreams kept on once I hit 20 weeks. I am 36 weeks right now and have decided to stop updating my dreams post. If there are any more goodies from here to delivery, I will certainly post them. Here goes:

1. I nursed a baby who was sick. I let the baby nurse on my left side and then when I moved it to my right said it looked at me and said “this one isn’t working”. (21 weeks)

2. I was being chased by five clowns who eerily resembled the clowns from the B movie “Drive Thru”. Thankfully, it didn’t last long and my conscious forced me to wake up! (I feel like I should add that I actually liked this movie…judge away). (21 weeks)

3. I caught my sister looking at pregnancy stuff online, she then told me she is going to have a baby. (21 weeks)

4. I woke up sobbing from this dream…definitely not a good one. Butters and Chloe were in a car with a bunch of people and it drove into the river. I wasn’t there because I was trying to help a little boy escape swarming bees that kept flying into our mouths. I found out the next day that Butters didn’t make it out of the car but everyone else did. (21 weeks)

5. Manfriend went to the doctor for a rash and the doctor told him that he has eczema. The doctor also said that one of the main signs of people with eczema is heterosexuality…but that they are really attracted to people of the same sex. Ha! (21 weeks)

6. My mom was late for lunch and we only had 10 minutes to eat! I wanted to go to Panera and she wanted to go to some place called The Sleepytime. It was located in the Arctic. When we got there, we saw this cool hotel that had frozen floors but every time you took a step- the floor melted and heated up! I believe Scary Spice was there with a bunch of other female basketball players. (22 weeks)

7. I was trapped in a hospital (28 Days Later style) and we all realized aliens were using the patients as test subjects. We ran and hid in the elevator only to find that it was zero gravity. We kept floating around and couldn’t reach the floor buttons to select a floor to stop at. I realized one of the people in the elevators had in IV that was fed through the elevator and we realized she was an alien who was trying to trick us. (22 weeks)

8. My sister was addicted to Viagra and I found her in the hallway of a school having withdrawals. One of my other friends became a porno wrestler. You can trust that when I woke up- I was dying to tell them! (23 weeks)

9. We were all trapped in a store similar to Fred Meyer’s. I decided that would be the best time to make a scrapbook so my friend and I decided to hang out in the construction paper aisle and make art. (24 weeks).

10. The stone in my engagement ring fell out. I found it on some rocks on the way down to a river. Then when I picked it up I noticed there were about 10 more stones just like it! I couldn’t decided whether I should gather them all and make necklaces and earrings so I just picked up one. (24 weeks).

11. Another AbFab dream: I was talking about art with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders and I showed them a piece of art drawn on a wall and Jennifer Saunders (of course) said “I know sweetie, but is it art?” They then went on to tell me that there are only 2 rules that make art art. 1. A person created it and 2. Someone else liked it. (24 weeks)

12. I was at some weird art convention/carnival with lots of weird stands (and people). An old man came up and licked my cheek and started chasing me. I ran from him until I couldn’t walk. I found my mom working in the art shop down the road and we took some vases and left. (24 weeks)

13. My sister and I went shopping for baby clothes on this weird island (kind of looked like one of the islands on Mario Brothers). When we got there we decided to skip the baby clothes and go into a really high class GAP store. I found the prettiest shirt and decided to buy it. We also saw some great jewelry that we decided to buy. Too bad when I woke up none of the articles where in my possession! (25 weeks)

14. I was trapped in a mansion and I was one of 5 daughters. I didn’t recognize any of the people, including the parents but I liked how pretty and big the house was so it felt right. One of the other sisters started murdering everyone. I found out she had killed the parents when I found a bloody knife in her closet. As I pulled the knife out she came up behind me. I ran out and slid down the stairs and ran into the backyard. When I was in the backyard I ran and slid down a Slip-N-Slide to get to the other side of the yard. I awoke to two police officers at the front door. (25 weeks)

15. Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) tried to seduce me. It’s hard for me to watch him now! (25 weeks).

16. We were all lions living in Africa. The hyenas took over the continent and flooded everything so all of us lions had to swim to a new island. There were thousands of us doggy paddling in the ocean to get to safety. (25 weeks)

17. I lived in a world where once you completed certain tasks a red dot would show up on a map. There was also an island that would turn into a volcano to show that I completed the task on the same map. I made it through 2 worlds (very similar to Super Mario Bros.). The last task I remember was para sailing through the sky and trying to escape dinosaurs. (25 weeks)

18. I had to change the world’s worst poopy diaper. The poo was all over the child and it was lime green. I was so disgusted and kept thinking “why would anyone want do this!?” (25 weeks)

19. (I didn’t have this dream but had to share it because it is hilarious). My friend dreamed that I gave birth in a veterinary hospital and that when Caleb came out he was running around and my friend had to chase after him! (25 weeks)

20. Our midwife told me she saw a sneak peak at the baby and that he looked “just like me”. When I got to the ultrasound to see him, he looked just like the furry monster from Where the Wild Things Are! (25 weeks)

21. A doctor accidentally rubbed snake venom on a wound. I started having real snake bite reactions and began panicking. He then gave me three vials of anti-venom but didn’t know I was pregnant. I couldn’t feel the baby moving anymore and I was scared it was killing him. I kept running around asking people if it would harm the baby but no one would answer me. (26 weeks)

22. I was making a yogurt sundae at a cafeteria with a coworker. I specifically chose a scoop of vanilla and chocolate and covered them with Cocoa Puffs and raspberries. It was delicious. (27 weeks)

22. I helped plan my sister’s wedding in 2 hours. I was frantic because I realized at the last minute that I forgot to order any flowers! I was running around with one hour before the wedding was set to start trying to do everyone’s hair and make-up, get dressed, and make her a bouquet. I drove to the store and saw all of our friends jumping off a cement wall into a pool. (27 weeks)

23. I saw a couple and knew they were holding my baby. The baby was newborn and the woman kept on saying it was her baby, but it wasn’t. I had apparently had this baby with the woman’s husband but because the baby was black they got to keep it and I didn’t. I didn’t remember giving birth but just remembered that his name was “Jacob”. (27 weeks)

24. A woman in our birth class went into labor when her husband wasn’t there. Manfriend took her to the hospital and delivered her baby. (28 weeks)

25. My step-sister dumped her boyfriend (who is her husband in real life) and started dating a nerdy gamer-type guy with long black hair. The only good thing about this guy was that he had a cool phone. He came to a family gathering and I told him to his face I didn’t like him and that I prefer her old boyfriend. I told him I was going to tell her to dump him and then he tried to keep me from calling her. I then spent the rest of my dream trying to call her to tell her that her new boyfriend sucks and she should get back together with her old boyfriend. (28 weeks)

26. Manfriend and I were looking at a condo on the water. I mean, the window was literally on the water. It was like a timeshare meeting and the people wouldn’t let us leave. We were sitting in front of the window and then our seats took off like a rollercoaster all over the city. It was definitely a scary/fun ride but the worse part was that we couldn’t escape. (28 weeks)

27. We got trapped in a water park, which seemed fun at first. When I found a way out, snipers started shooting at us so we had to turn back. We realized we were trapped and each time we tried to escape we got shot at. We rode on a zipline into a pool of water (which was really fun) but we were forced to do it at gunpoint. (29 weeks)

28. One of my friends and I worked in a business that operated like the Houses of Parliament. When I made a mistake- he stood up and shouted that I made the mistake and pointed it out. My rebuttal “well, you are obsessed with pens”. (30 weeks)

29. I had three massive stretch marks on my belly in the shape of a triangle. (30 weeks)

30. (We’d been watching a lot of Dexter…) The “Ice Truck Killer” was after Steve Carell. ( 30 weeks)

31. I had a reunion with my 3 study abroad buddies and we decided to go have yogurt and fruit. When we got there, the place turned into a fun house/freak show. At one point, we were told we would be playing dodgeball and a machine would be throwing the balls at us. We waited and what happened? A guy rolled out in a toddler car and threw soft balls at us. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. (30 weeks)

32. Manfriend, my sister and I were all floating in the sky in black teacups. We then landed in the water on inner-tubes and floated down a river. We were supposed to go the “easy” way but we got taken down the rapids. (31 weeks)

33. I was in a cabin with Chloe and Butters and a tiger tried to attack them. I had a gun and I was going to shoot it but I couldn’t kill the tiger so I used a sedative and shot it. I also gave a sedative to Butters so I could look at her belly (she has a fatty tumor on her belly in real life). I was supposed to use the sedative on the tiger to take it somewhere else but I got distracted and it woke up in the cabin with us. (31 weeks)

34. I was being chased by Michael Myers (killer from the Halloween movies) and everything was taking place just like it had in a movie. I knew who was going to die and when I would die (at the end just like a movie). As the people were being killed I kept running and hiding and thinking “maybe if I just change the route I take it will change the story line and I won’t die”. I hid in a bush with Chloe and then he saw us so I ran into a run down fast-food place and hid. I saw him come in and he saw me…thankfully I woke up then. (32 weeks)

35. I gave birth to Caleb at 32 weeks and he had to be in the NICU. I was at home and got a call from our midwife asking me why Manfriend and I hadn’t come to visit him and that we needed to make “plans” in case something horrible happened. I couldn’t go to the NICU because I didn’t want to see him with all of the tubes in his body but I felt really horrible. I asked Manfriend to go with me and he didn’t want to either. (32 weeks)

36. I looked down and could see Caleb’s leg protruding out of my belly. I grabbed it and could feel his chubby thigh and his little toes. I yelled for Manfriend to come feel and he got to feel it too. Later on, while Manfriend was at work- I delivered the baby at 33 weeks. As I held him (he was pretty skinny) he looked up at me and said “The doctors said I need to be circumcised because someone wasn’t touching their penis enough in utero!” (32 weeks)

37. I gave birth to Caleb and found out I was three weeks pregnant with a little girl. YOIKS! (32 weeks)

38. I was feeding a baby with breast milk in a bottle and the milk was all lumpy and congealed. I kept trying to shake it up but it wouldn’t break down. It was disgusting. (33 weeks)

39. I had about 12 ducklings in the backyard that I was trying to get rid of. I made them a little pool to swim in and kept trying to pawn them off on people who walked by. (33 weeks)

40. I went shopping for shoes with Rachel Zoe’s assistant, Brad. He insisted I buy Saltwater Sandals and wear them with jeans. (34 weeks)

41. There were giant tadpoles swimming around in our pool. (I wonder if this qualifies as a fish dream…). (34 weeks)

42. I knew lots of people around me wanted to have a baby so I decided to let them insert their genes into my belly while I am pregnant (this technology doesn’t exist, just in case you were wondering). My plan was to have a baby that looked like the other people but it would still be our baby. So, I gave birth to a little girl with black hair and blue eyes. She was really pretty but a monster. I suddenly realized that I had done something wrong in making a baby for everyone else and forgetting about the little boy I was to have with Manfriend. I felt horrible. I tried to breastfeed the little girl and it wouldn’t work and hurt really bad. I finally put my finger in my mouth and felt two teeth! She bit me and then said “you should be glad I didn’t bit your nipple that hard”. (36 weeks)

43. I shotgunned a Coke in a laundromat with Manfriend and his friends. If you know anything about me, you should know- I hate Coke! (36 weeks)

44. I decided to give my dogs a sponge bath using color-safe bleach! I filled up the washing machine with water and then started scrubbing their bellies. (37 weeks)

45. I went into labor and had to have a c section because the baby wouldn’t come out. When it did, it looked exactly like Scrat, from Ice Age, only it was black. I held it and thought “this cannot be my baby; I don’t want it!”. I then tried to breastfeed it but it was too creepy looking. When I looked down it had turned into a kitten. (37 weeks)

46. I reached down and could feel the baby’s foot in my belly; toes and all. Then I put my finger on my belly and he grabbed it through my skin. (37 weeks)

2 thoughts on “These Dreams Part II

  1. My my, but haven’t you had quite a ride in your dreams throughout your pregnancy? I hope you don’t dream like this when you’re not pregnant – it seems like it would be exhausting! 🙂

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