Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Since I have been off for the summer, I have spent most of my time hanging out with my dogs. We spend a lot of time together snuggling, playing, walking, and they like to drive me nuts if we aren’t doing any of those activities. I talk to the dogs a lot during the day and am certain that if there were a hidden video- I would be locked up and deemed crazy for how much I communicate with them. Manfriend and I have joked that I talk to them so much- the baby will come out thinking his name is “Chloe” or “Butters”.

When I was about 12 weeks pregnant, I bought a Snoogle pregnancy body pillow and it now resides on my bed every single night (because it is a godsend). Sometimes I kick the pillow onto the floor in the middle of the night and recently I have noticed that Butters thinks this is her body pillow. When Manfriend leaves for work in the morning, both Chloe and Butters jump on the bed and one of them will usually cozy them self into the pillow and go to sleep.

*The other night I went to bed and saw Manfriend snuggled up in my Snoogle- so it’s not just the dogs who love it!

Besides the pool, the dogs love playing. Butters will play fetch for days but Chloe seems to only really want to play with Manfriend. So I tend to wear Butters out and Manfriend tends to wear Chloe out. I read a book once about a dog that could talk (it was pure fiction so don’t get your hopes up) and one of the funniest things was that the idea of “play”, according to the dog, was not so much for the dog’s benefit but for the human’s. It sounds silly because we play with our dogs to wear them out but if you really think about it…when you play with your dogs- it does make you tremendously happy, right? I notice we laugh a lot when we play with them. So maybe, the dogs think we need to play more than they do? Hmm…

It always makes me laugh how similar children are to dogs. I mean aren’t dogs the ultimate preparation for children? Feed them, exercise them, give them attention and love, and make sure their poop is normal…that has to be it, right? Well, according to, white people think of dogs as preparation for children. I think they are on to something. (Actually they are on to many things; I read the list laughing and there were many instances where I said “that’s totally me” ).

Butters is the snuggler in the family. In fact, she likes sleeping on my belly and it is unbelievably cute. My belly has gotten a lot bigger and she gets kicked when she lays on me so she doesn’t do it as much as she use to…but it is still really cute when she does. I like to think she is already trying to bond with the baby but I know that’s not true.

She is sort of prepping me for the sleep disturbances though as she wakes me up every weekend at 5:30 to eat. She comes to my side of the bed and hits my hand and starts crying. I tell her to go back to bed and she does. For about thirty minutes. Then she starts up again.

We have been worried about how the dogs will react to the baby. Our main concern has been Butters because she is so attached to me and doesn’t seem to like babies, kids, dogs, or puppies. Chloe loves children and babies so we didn’t think she would be a problem…


Our friends brought over their baby and Chloe went straight “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” on them. She wasn’t mean or anything like that but she wants the baby. She tried anything to get to the baby to lick it’s head, hand, feet, butt- you name it. Our friend was standing and holding her baby and Chloe sat in front of her on her hind legs begging with her front legs up for the baby. We knew she was crazy but not that crazy. When the baby cried, Chloe tried to mimic the sound  and then shove her head in between the mom and the baby. Butters was totally OK and didn’t seem to care about the baby at all. Now our biggest fear is not Butters. It is that I will find Chloe in the corner with the baby trying to breastfeed.

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