If It’s Not One Thing

If It’s Not One Thing

It’s definitely the other! So, remember a few weeks back when I mentioned how big my boobs have gotten? Well, they are certainly keeping up with this belly and something we have noticed? If I’m not spilling on my breasts, I’m spilling on my belly.

I’ve never been a “messy” eater (my sister holds the title from childhood. She literally spilled milk every single night) and I don’t spill a lot (Manfriend gets the nickname “Spills” for a reason) but lately I seem to be spilling everything! I can blame it on my belly/breast combo but in reality- I kind of think it has a lot to do with how much more clumsy I have become. I am naturally clumsy and even Manfriend has noticed how much more clumsy I am. I seem to trip more often, mis-step, slam into walls and drop things.

Each day, and I wish I was exaggerating on this, I spill something on my breasts or stomach. Usually I end up shouting “MAN!” but I think it has turned into more of a whimper since I assume it’s coming now. I could take a photo each time I spill but then it would just be too embarrassing and there would be a hundred to choose from. I’ve since had to throw out three tops because the stains wouldn’t come out. That’s how good I have become at spilling.

So, I’ll share a pretty extreme spill I had. Hamburgers. Yep, I dropped the whole damn thing on my belly!

Note: Can you see my belly is lopsided in this pic? Yeah, that’s his butt.

4 thoughts on “If It’s Not One Thing

  1. My theory is that Ty is a natural clutz and you are not; however, Ty’s clutz genes are now in your body (w/ the baby and everything) so Ty’s crazy clutz genes are running amuck and wreaking havoc in your body, causing you to become exponentially more clumsy!

  2. Faisal that makes complete sense!

    Jenn sorry to say that being clumsy may not go away, after Caleb comes you will be multitasking even more than you naturally do. There for lots more spills, running around tripping over toys, burning food etc…it could just be me though!

    And with the road rage. In Oly’s words in Fredmeyer parking lot. “ugh F**king crazy people go!” I swear she got that from keith;-)

  3. I am worried the clumsiness won’t go away…especially with the stairs in our house. That scares the bejesus out of me!

    Haha! Olivia! That must have been hilarious and shocking at the same time. It would have been even funnier if the people heard her!

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