It’s Raining…

It’s Raining…

Both literally and figuratively! We had planned on our Baby Shower being outside but the weather decided to change our plans, which is silly because it hasn’t rained in weeks! We went ahead and had the BBQ inside and everyone was invited (guys, gals, kids, pets, whateva). There were about 30 people here; it was definitely a packed house but it was well worth it!

I made the shower invite using Photoshop. I found the open source image of the owls on the tree and then I just added different fonts and changed some of the colors on the owls to make the colors pop. It was a really fun project and I like that it is personal and not bought from a store. Actually, this was a much cheaper route than buying cards. My sister printed these out at Costco and I think she said she spent $5 total (minus stamps, of course)!

Note: I edited out our address/contact info for privacy, but you get the gist of it.

We received a ton of necessities, clothes and toys. We got a few things that were pretty popular with the crowd and a Cloud B Twilight Turtle that a couple of people decided they needed to buy for themselves! We made a note in our invite that people could bring books and we were certainly happy that people remembered! There were a bunch of new books mixed in with the classics so we are really excited about the variety because he will have a lot to choose from as he gets older!

My sister organized the whole shower and she did a really great job. I know she spent a lot of money on it and she is also in school so I am sure she spent more time planning/working on the shower that she should have. She works nights so she had to leave to go to work which made me nervous that she wouldn’t get any sleep. Since we didn’t want a cheesy baby shower, it was basically just a BBQ with a few baby decorations here and there. She got us the cutest (and most delicious) cake and we had burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, and cupcakes.

After we opened the slew of gifts, we played a few games. The first game was with melted candy bars in diapers; people had to guess which candy bar it was. I have photos of people sniffing diapers and they are hilarious, but I didn’t post them in case those people don’t want their pictures on the blog.

The second was baby food tasting. The third was drawing a baby on a paper plate on top of your head (which was by far the funniest one!)

Which one do you think should have won?

We didn’t really have a traditional shower. Manfriend had brewed his own beer and we had some people who stayed late to “watch the fights” on television so it felt really nice and normal. Well, nice and normal in that it felt like a normal BBQ for us…not nice and normal in that I was so tired afterward I could barely function.

Overall we had a blast and are so thankful for our friends and family who came and celebrated the day with us and spoiled our little boy! It meant a lot to us and it feels good to know so many people are celebrating this little boy with us.

6 thoughts on “It’s Raining…

  1. Yay, I got to see the cake! I had a piece, but I didn’t see it before it was cut. It matches some of the onesies you got with the dinosaurs…. đŸ™‚

  2. I actually think the one below mine (maybe Amanda’s?) should have won. It looks like a little ship captain or something. And I didn’t even get to see the cake! I didn’t know it had a dinosaur on it! When I saw it, it was half gone so missed the design! Why a dinosaur though? Was that an arbitrary decision by Meezy or is there a meaning behind it?

  3. Both Autumn’s and Kristie’s were good, but mine and Amanda’s were clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, better. Initially I thought Kristie’s should have won, but after having time to examine the pics in thorough detail it is clear that mine and Amanda’s were not to be effed w/!

    THE REASON why Ty said no stick figures was obvious: he didn’t want Amanda or I to win since we were the two winners from the previous games. He wanted other people to get a chance to win so therefore Amanda and I were unfairly elimated from contention due to our incontrovertible awesomeness and inability to lose! Notice how Ty said no stick figures, and the only ones affected by this was Amanda and myself! Mmm hmmm….

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