Art Attack

Art Attack

My sister is throwing our baby shower and she has spent a lot of money on decorations and other things for the shower so I had to find a way to pay her back. When she picked me up to go shopping for decorations with her, we stopped at the craft store and she bought some canvas so I could paint her some pictures. Not really a fair trade since these only took me one day and the culmination of the baby shower planning has probably taken her weeks!

She specifically wanted purples, oranges, and grays and she and her boyfriend prefer the mid-century look (which I despise actually). I tried an art-deco-ish piece and quickly painted over it because it bothered me. It reminded me of those design shows where they say “don’t forget who you are when designing for other people”. Not like I am a designer by any means but I understood the feeling of looking at something and thinking “that is not me”. Fortunately, my sister liked what I painted over the first piece more, so it worked out for both of us!

When Manfriend came home and saw them he thought they were for us so he was a little disappointed when I told him they were for my sister. I guess he likes this style a lot more than what I created for our home, so I told him I would paint him some similar to this for our room or the office.

Here are the ones I painted for our living room. I got the “rainy look” idea from David Bromstad, so it is kind of an homage to his style (which is fabulous anyway).

I’ll share what these pieces actually look like in our living room a little later. I’d like to make some really large pieces for when we move next summer because I love the idea of making art and it is cheap!

My sink was a mess afterward but it was an adequate  representation of what I had been doing all day. I’ve never actually painted anything for anyone so it was fun to be able to do this for my sister and I hope she and her boyfriend enjoy it. I loved painting these and it was really relaxing and fun to do so I will probably end up painting a lot more in the future. The total cost for all six of these paintings?

Canvas: $30 (16×20)
Acrylic Paints: $4 (I already have a bunch on hand but we still bought the cheapest available)
Brushes: $2 (Again, the cheapest I could find)

So for about $40 total, we now have six pieces of art, which is a lot cheaper than it would cost to buy one piece from a retailer. Kind of a great deal!

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