Pool Time

Pool Time

Manfriend and I knew I would be miserable whale this summer so we decided to buy a $60 kiddie pool. It’s bigger than the hard plastic kiddie pools you might be thinking of but smaller than one of those above ground pools. One thing is for sure- it is heaven. It’s a 10’x3′ Intex Easy Set pool and it has been worth every penny. You can see we have two chairs set up around the pool so we can relax and put our feet in the pool if it’s too chilly to get in.

Since we haven’t really had a summer here in the Seattle area (no worries, I am not complaining) I have only used the pool about 4-5 times.  I have noticed that I get hot a lot easier than before (duh) and while the water seemed too cold to Manfriend one day- I was A-OK with it and got right in. I just kinda relax in it and read or I float on my belly which seems to make the baby move a lot! With my fingers and toes swelling up like sausages, sitting in the pool and relaxing seems to do the trick so I have been getting my moneys worth!

But who has been getting the most use out of the pool? Butters.

The pool is great after long walks and after a long game of fetch, we throw a ball into the pool and watch Butters jump in. I’ve never seen a dog “doggy paddle” up close but it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Her front legs were swimming and her back legs were tucked up under her. Is that how they are supposed to do it? Maybe it was just because it wasn’t deep enough for her to really swim?

One thing is for sure: I love that she loves water. Because she has arthritis in her hip, the Vet has said that swimming is the best exercise for her. So, she can hang in the pool anytime she wants.

Chloe is a different story. Chloe has been in the pool two times but she would rather relax in the grass or sit on a lap than swim in a pool and get her paws wet. It’s amazing how different these two dogs are!

The pool has been such a great buy and I like that we can take it down and put it back in its box until next year. I spent a long time in the pool yesterday and I was so relaxed afterward that I needed a nap. We can’t swim laps but just sitting in the pool talking or reading a book is worth it to me. I love all things water related so just having a big blue plastic tub of water big enough for me to beach myself in is enough to make me smile.

2 thoughts on “Pool Time

  1. I did not know that Butters was an arthritic! Sad. : (

    Chloe is like me–to cool for school–that is why she doesn’t degrade herself by going in the pool. She keeps it classy and doesn’t want to make a wet spectacle of herself for your amusement!

  2. I know! She never acts like the arthritis hurts but after a long day of playing- you can see her leg is stiff. It makes me sad cause she is only 4 so I can only imagine how much worse it will get as she ages.

    Chloe is old school for sure. She would never. In fact, you know she holds grudges so you can imagine what would happen if we forced her to get in the pool.

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