Baby Blankets

I decided to make Baby Caleb some blankets that he will “treasure” for a long time. Well, these blankets are a hilarious and I doubt they will last a “long time”! I chose to use different fabrics on each side so that one could be more tactile since babies love to touch and feel different textures.

The first blanket I made has fleece clouds on one side and cotton elephants on the other. I thought it would be nice to have a warm fabric on one side and cool fabric on the other. This was a piece of cake as I didn’t use binding ribbon and basically sewed it like a pillowcase. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

It’s pretty small compared to the other blanket I made so it is definitely more of an infant blanket. It is cute in person and you cannot tell that it is not a true square by looking at it! Though, when you fold it- it becomes apparent that the dimensions are definitely off! It was fun to make and easy, but I am nowhere near qualified to teach people how to make these yet!

And now for the second work of art. Yikes. This was supposed to be the Holy Grail in terms of blankets. Well, I had high hopes for it anyway. This blanket has flannel elephants on one side and the most amazing soft Minky Dimple Dot fabric on the other, with some quilt batting in between to make it extra cozy. I also bought yellow satin ribbon binding to “finish” the edges off. This was all in hopes that I would finish this blanket, show it to people and they would exclaim “I cannot believe you made this!” Without further ado, here it is:

So, it looks great, right? Well, let me just zoom in and show you what this is really all about. The green side looks great, however, when it is flipped over you can see what went wrong. I have no shame in showing my mistakes so enjoy.

1. I could not make those fancy corners you see on most blankets, so this is what it ended up looking like.

2. I ran out of ribbon so this is how I made it work with scraps.

3. I couldn’t keep the lines straight on the yellow flannel side like I did on the green side. You can see better than I can explain.

4. I finished sewing and realized a lot of the ribbon on the yellow side wasn’t even attached so I had to resew it!

While there are lots of errors in this blanket, just holding it up, it looks pretty nice! It is also one of the softest blankets I have ever felt so I imagine the baby will grow to love how this blanket feels. Even though it is a bit of a mess I do like how it turned out and I am pleased that it isn’t a total disaster.

I enjoy sewing and know I will only get better with time. I still have a baby bunting to make…but that pattern has been cut for months and I still haven’t started. It’s easier to hide a sewing mistake on a rectangle blanket than it is to hide a missing arm on clothing.

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