Big Decision

Big Decision

We’ve been saying that we want to wait to purchase a home for another 3-5 years but within the last two weeks we decided that we are going to buy a home next year. This means that in 2011 we will be busy getting married, going to the Carribbean, celebrating Caleb’s one year birthday and buying a house…all within about 3 months! That is exhausting!

Since we have been renting the house we are in for the past 3 years we were told we could put an offer on it and buy it if we would like. Well, I don’t want to. While we do love this house (Manfriend especially) it has been nice to live here to find out what we really want in a house. I thought I would share some of my must-haves. (Manfriend can have his own). These are things our new house must have in order for me to be happy with it!

  1. Laundry on second floor: This is a necessity. Seriously, who’s bright idea was it to put a laundry room on a floor away from where closets and drawers are!? I love the idea that most new homes have grown privy to this idea and are now placing the utility room upstairs.
  2. 2 living/family rooms: Does this seem silly? It isn’t for us. Manfriend and I love spending time together but we also love doing our own things. I don’t want to watch sports or video games and I know Manfriend doesn’t want to watch HGTV or Bravo. We both really like the idea of one living space not having a television and the other being the movie/TV room.
  3. 3+ bedrooms: Since we have a baby on the way and we would like one more, we know we need at least three bedrooms. Four would be ideal for us since one could be the office.
  4. Attached garage: I only say this because we do not have an attached garage now and I know Manfriend would love this!
  5. 2+ bathrooms: Because one is just not enough!
  6. 2300+ square ft: We like our space. Seriously, we like our space.
  7. Large kitchen: We entertain a lot and we love having people over for BBQ’s, etc. A large kitchen is conducive to our lifestyle and since I am really starting to enjoy cooking, I would love all of the counter/cabinet space.
  8. Near a good school district: This is one of the biggest ones for me. Not just because I want our children going to a good school but because school districts are a prime indicator of how “safe” and area is. Schools are usually better because they receive more tax dollars and those tax dollars come from the community surrounding the schools. I could go off on how this a disservice to lower income regions but I’ll save that for the classroom.
  9. Yard: Since we have two dogs and spend a lot of time outside BBQ’n, playing badminton and growing vegetables, we need a fairly large yard. Nothing huge but we definitely need to be able to throw the ball far enough that our dog gets worn out!
  10. Not by airports! (Thanks Fai)

So while that may seem like a crazy list of demands, it is not. These are just a few of the things I think are a must and without these, the house is a dealbreaker. So we have about a year and then we will begin our house hunt. Looks like the last 2 years of my Journey to Thirty are going to be a whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

7 thoughts on “Big Decision

  1. Sheesh, you are gonna be one busy momma next year! 🙂 Your list of demands seems perfectly reasonable. When we started looking, I was surprised at what I thought mattered that didn’t, and what I thought didn’t, that suddenly did. I hope you guys find a house you can afford and can fall in love with – how exciting!

  2. I know! Guess we should knock it all out in one shot, right? I think househunting will be a bear but I know it’s important to go in with a list of things you have to have. I wouldn’t want to get excited about a pretty space and later find I have a house that isn’t working for us.

    PS. We need to come see your new house!

  3. I’ve been trying to nail down a time to invite everyone (family) over to see the house, maybe have breakfast or BBQ dinner…..haven’t quite nailed it down yet, but hopefully will figure out a date soon. Maybe I’ll talk with Melissa & Rob first since they’re schedules are so different.

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