Yesterday manfriend and I were talking about our honeymoon and how we want to go to an “adults only” resort.

Me: “it will be soo nice to relax with you, the beach and an open bar!”

Manfriend: “no open bar for you”.

Me: “what!? why!?”

Manfriend: “we will be working on baby number 2 by then”.

Me: “umm, no we won’t!”

Him: “yep. We’re gonna have lots of them. Ty and Jenn plus 10”.

Eeeek! Thankfully he was joking. Or was he!?

But seriously…the beach, no kids around and an open bar- sign me up! We are really looking forward to a vacation in a tropical place we have never been. My mom has already agreed to watch the baby.

Yes, a year is a long ways away but at least she called dibs so we don’t have to worry about who will watch the baby while we are on vacation.

4 thoughts on “Scary

  1. When you said ” ‘adults only’ resort” the first thing that popped to my mind was like a nudist resort or something crazy like that. Are there any other type of resorts that are adults only? Most places that serve alcohol allow children, as well. The only exceptions I can think of are gambling places, and places where nudity runs rampant (nudist colonies or strip clubs).

  2. I think there are other resorts. We’re sort of looking at the all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and I know Sandals is couples only. We might do a resort with the baby once he is old enough to enjoy it but for now, it’ll just be me and Ty. Remember you were the one who told us not to go to Hawaii but to the Caribbean!

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