Since we first discovered we were pregnant, it seems like every little milestone is such an achievement! I never realized how meaningful those little steps really are until now.

Some of the milestones we have already passed:

1. Making it to 8 weeks. Statistically this is when the first miscarriage risk drops (but you aren’t out of the woods yet).

2. Making it out of the 1st trimester. Seriously, I have never been so nervous in my whole life! I know how common miscarriages are and though they still occur after the first trimester (no longer considered miscarriages after 20 weeks) I felt a huge relief once I hit 12 weeks!

3. 16-17 weeks. When my nausea actually wore off!

4. 18 weeks was when we had our anatomy scan. Most people feel like finding out the sex is the biggest milestone but I was more excited to see that his little brain and heart looked “normal”. If you know someone who has experienced any sort of “bad news” at the anatomy scan you know how scary it is waiting to know if your little one is OK.

5. When I finally started to feel Caleb move at 21 weeks! Thanks to my anterior placenta previa, it took me longer than expected to feel him. It was worth the wait because within that same week Manfriend felt him move!

Milestones we are currently approaching/approached:

1. Viability at 24 weeks! That means little Caleb could be born and survive! We certainly would NEVER wish for that but it does feel nice to know that he could survive with medical intervention if something were to happen.

2. We just hit double digits! That means Caleb will be here in less than 99 days!

3. Week 27 when we enter the 3rd trimester and start having appointments with our midwives every 2 weeks! Whoo hoo!

4. When I hopefully pass the Glucose Tolerance Test at week 28.

Milestones we are anticipating:

1.Week 30…when we get to have another peek at Caleb and find out if my placenta previa has corrected itself . I really hope it has! If not, I will be forced to have a c-section (boo). If it does move, our plans for a home birth will be secured!

2. Once we hit full term at 37 weeks. I think that will be exciting and nerve-wracking all at once!

Once we decided to start a family, I thought “having a baby” would be a milestone in itself. I certainly never thought “having a baby” would entail so many little milestones. Now I understand. I am ecstatic and so excited to meet the person who has been beating the crap out of me, tap dancing on my bladder, and kicking Manfriend in the head when he lays his head on my belly. He is sure to be one rambunctious kid but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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