Summer Freedom!

Summer Freedom!

I actually will be enjoying a summer off! My first real summer off since I was in 10th grade! No work, no class, nothing. Whoo hoo! I thought I would share all of my plans for summer vacation. Some fun, some not so fun, but who cares!?

1. Finish knitting an elephant toy. (If you will recall I had big plans of knitting lots of creatures for the baby. Yeah, that hasn’t happened and I am still working on the first one).

2. Beat Mario Galaxy 2. For reals.

3. Watch Dexter. I have never seen this show but everyone recommends it, so I plan on plopping down and watching the whole thing. Of course it is summer so I won’t be in the house watching TV on the nice days and I think manfriend is interested too so this will be a nightly thing!

4. Walk my girls every morning (when it is not raining). I had 2 weeks off about 3 months ago and we went on daily strolls every morning. I think it is fair to say that Chloe and Butters loved it just as much as me and they have been walk-neglected these past few weeks!

5. Garden.

6. Cook and bake new dishes. Growing up, my mom was the best cook ever! We are lucky to be able to say that my mom always made the yummiest dishes and we rarely ate frozen or box prepared meals even though she didn’t have much money. So- there really is no excuse to not have homemade meals almost every night! I would like to master recipes that Caleb will grow up loving and Manfriend will no doubt enjoy taste testing! I started with cream puffs and man were they delicious!

7. Wash all of our little guy’s clothes and Bum Genius Diapers! I read the BumG’s have to be washed a few times prior to wearing so I want to get that started asap. I have a feeling my relationship with the washer/dryer is about to become legalized.

8. Read and relax in the sun. In the words of George Costanza “I’m gonna read a book, from start to finish…in that order!”I love falling asleep outside. I do this every once in a while but I think I will enjoy it more as the days go by. What I don’t enjoy: waking up and realizing that Butters is staring at me and wondering how long she has been watching me sleep. Creepy. Seriously, it would creep you out too.

9. Buy a pool and beach myself. Listen, everyone I know keeps telling me how miserable I will be and that being “that pregnant in summer will suck”. So Manfriend and I have already had our eyes on some pools. I envision myself in our backyard, beached in the pool with a mocktail in my hands and Chloe and Butters chillin beside me. Doesn’t that sound good to you too?

10. Prep my fall online courses. This is the least fun activity next to laundry. I am crazy and will be teaching 3 online courses WHEN the baby comes. No one ever said I was normal but I plan on getting them all set long before Caleb graces us with his presence.

11. Enjoy Manfriend’s amazing bbq burgers and steaks. Seriously, these are such a treat and I love summer just for the fact that he makes me dinner most nights! I sort of think there are people in this world who are jealous of me only for the fact that I get to eat “Ty-Burgers” on a regular basis.

12. Spend time with Manfriend. This is my favorite. I am sure I will be a miserable turnip by the time summer is in full swing but I know Manfriend will make me feel better…plus, he gives the best rubs ever!

13. Not check email! Whaaaat!? I have always wondered what it would be like to be able to say that but now I know. I have to say- it might be the best thing ever! I bet you are most jealous of this one.

14. Draw, paint, craft. If you know me then you know I get down with the craftiness!

15. Sleep in!

I think that about sums it up!

7 thoughts on “Summer Freedom!

  1. That is hilarious about Butters watching you sleep. I would be flattered if I were you. So funny you mention George Castanza because there was a summer he called “The Summer of George” since he took it off due to a generous severance package; therefore, this is essentially “The Summer of Jenn.”

    Dexter is a cool show, but I think I got too much exposure because I watched the first two seasons in a month (normally in a month people watch 4 episodes since it’s on weekly but I watched 24 episodes in that time) so I’m giving it a break for a bit. I’ll probably be back sometime though. Enjoy the Summer of Jenn! : )

  2. Jennifer, could you send me your cream puff recipe and tips? It looks delicious. I am hoping to try them Thursday night for a get-together Friday. My first attempt was tasty, but visually unimpressive. 🙂 I think I had too many eggs, as they flattened out on the pan when I piped them. But I’d also try another recipe, and your cream looks good, too. 🙂 Thanks!

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