Remember the List?

Remember the List?

Around the new year I posted about our future goals. Remember that? Well, we have certainly been updating that list.

Goal 1: Start a family: Check! Caleb is on his way! He’ll be here in September and we couldn’t be more excited! Yes, we officially chose a name for our little guy and that makes it feel so much more concrete to have a name for the person wriggling around in my belly and kicking me at all hours of the day!

Goal 2: Get married: Check! Well, almost. Next September we will be getting married! I’ve sort of started planning and it is definitely going to be low-key but really fun! We are planning on a late September evening wedding at a garden. That’s all we have so far. By then Caleb will be almost a year old and he can be involved in the wedding. Not very traditional but if you know us- we have never been traditional in any sense. In fact, this leads me to goal 3.

Goal 3: Vacation: In the works! We had initially planned on going to the Caribbean for our honeymoon but have since decided that we will island hop around Hawaii. We will also be doing this the week or two before the wedding. Since school starts in late September, I cannot take that week off, so we will go a couple of weeks before. Told you we weren’t traditional!

Goal 4: Savings: uhhhh! Manfriend is doing much better with this. I have been buying lots of baby necessities since I will be out of work over summer and won’t be pulling in a paycheck. For now, my savings cushions is more to cover my bills while paycheckless than anything else. I firmly plan on saving by butt off once September rolls around!

Goal 5: Buy house in 2014: working on it! Well, we will probably buy a house around 2013 actually, but who really knows. So we have three years between now and then to save, plan, and save. Everyone tells us to buy now but it drives us crazy. Since I do not have a full time teaching position, we cannot buy a house until we know where I will be working full time. Location is more important to us than the home, so we will find the location and then find our house! Until then, we will save for our dream house. We will not be getting a starter home or a fixer-upper so we think that is worth the wait! Either way, it will need to have a big kitchen and a big backyard for all of our festivities. We also hope to be in our new home or in the process of the new home before our next baby arrives- but we will see!

The rest of the goals: those are all on the back burner right now. I think as this year closes, we will have more time to analyze the little things, but for now- we are working on the big stuff. Our home is cozy, we are happy and the goals we never thought of five years ago are now slowly being accomplished. Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I will say that this year on my “Journey to Thirty” has definitely been one of growing up, falling more in love, embracing little things, happy tears and excitement. So far…I think 28 has been fabulous!

6 thoughts on “Remember the List?

  1. Good stuff! I like how the honeymoon is before the wedding. Subverting the dominant paradigm and inverting the traditional structure. Love it. I was just telling Ty today that we should do the bachelor party AFTER the wedding so everything is congruent with the backwards theme! So it would be: baby, honeymoon, wedding, bachelor party! Since “normally” it is the exact opposite!

    And you two should go to the Carribean since you were just in Hawaii a couple of years ago!

    1. That is hilarious!!! Maybe we should do that? Was he responsive to it? I think that may be one area where he will want to do it the traditional way. We aren’t 100% on Hawaii over the Caribbean but we are going to wait that one out to see which one we prefer.

  2. Who needs to be traditional? We certainly were not. We are very excited for you guys. Isn’t it funny how you can talk about your next child before the current one even arrives?

  3. It sounds like you plan to work full time after little Caleb arrives, so does that mean you are doing research on full time child care? I am curious to see what you find, as I have a co-worker who took nearly the full nine months to decide on a place she was happy with and could afford. But, if you are teaching full time and have summers off, that will be great for when kids have time off school! Thinking long term, here…. haha….. Just curious. Perhaps your blog will eventually detail the rigors of the child care pursuit?

  4. I will have Fall “off” technically but will be working online from home. The cool thing about teaching is that when I go back to work in Winter, I will only have 3 hours a day that I am gone (minus Tue/Thur) so I think we will need a daycare place that will be 1/2-3/4 time. The childcare search is horrible though and unbelievable expensive.

    Pierce has one of the best Child Development Centers around but they only take kids 1 year and older and the wait list is 9 months long so I will put him on the list early. My goal is to have him there so he will be close and I would feel safe because I know the program.

    It is definitely something I will chronicle. Since I work so far south and Ty is up here, we will more than likely need 2 places: one for when I am down at Pierce on the short days and one up here for when I am gone on long days. Very stressful indeed!

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