Three Hour Cinnamon Rolls

Three Hour Cinnamon Rolls

I had this great idea that I wanted to make cinnamon rolls this morning. I woke up around 8am and got started.I searched for a recipe that had over 3,500 five star reviews on called Clone of a Cinnabon. It looked especially delicious and how can you go wrong with 3,600 positive reviews!?

I do not have a bread machine so I followed one of the reviewers modifications so I could actually make them without spending $100+ on a bread machine (which we all know I would never use again). The first snafu: we didn’t have any eggs. We always have eggs. So Manfriend ran to the store to get eggs.

By now it is 9am and I soon realized this would not be a quick recipe. The dough needed to rise for 1 hour! Seriously? Didn’t I just say I wanted these for breakfast? Once the dough rose, it was about 10am. We were both starving. Luckily, Manfriend made me eggs (what an awesome guy). I then rolled out the dough and followed the recipe only to see that the dough needed to rest for 30 minutes!

At this point, we both knew they wouldn’t be “breakfast” cinnamon rolls. Once the cinnamon rolls were in the oven I realized we had another issue: I didn’t have any powdered sugar. Really? Manfriend was off to the store again. He didn’t complain about having to go to the store again; I think he just wanted to whole ordeal to be over with. Thankfully the rolls were done when he got home so I could actually make the frosting and be done with the whole thing.

The biggest lesson I learned today: always, always check to make sure you have the ingredients in your house prior to beginning a recipe. It’s also a good idea to read a recipe all of the way through before starting to see how long it will take and to make sure you have the necessary supplies.

In the end- these were unbelievably amazing…but I doubt I will be following this recipe anytime soon. It took too long. I guess I could make the dough the night before but I just wanted these for breakfast! We finally got to eat them around 11am…most would call that brunch, or even lunch! Sheesh, lesson learned.

3 thoughts on “Three Hour Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Adjectives such as “amazing” is lazily overused for very mundane things (without the full intended meaning of the word), but this post, and more importantly the pictures, were AMAZING!

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