We got engaged! Totally didn’t see this one coming and I can honestly say that I have never been this surprised in my life! We’ve always said that when we do get married we want it to be on our original anniversary, which is September 19. I know what you are thinking and the answer is: no, we will not be having a wedding before the baby comes. We will more than likely wait until next year and by then the baby should be almost a year old.

I have never been a fan of diamonds and I’ve always told Manfriend that if he got me a diamond, I would say “no”. I don’t think they are special, they aren’t rare, and I don’t want something a child has mined for on my hand. Though, if you love diamonds- I don’t judge you, it’s just not my preference. So instead of a diamond, I have always said I want an Ellensburg Blue Agate instead.

We met in Ellensburg and that is where this whirlwind began, so why not have a special ring that symbolizes where we first fell in love? We both have ways thought it was a cool idea!

We haven’t been to Ellensburg, WA in a long time and we made the trip on Saturday, May 15 to attend our friend’s baby shower. It’s a 1.5-2 hour drive from Seattle so by the time we got there I had to pee like crazy!We passed a rest stop and Manfriend kept asking if I had to go and I told him to I would wait until we got to our friend’s house.

Once we arrived, I seriously had to pee! What does Manfriend do? He starts driving around the town “looking for a speaker place”. At this point, I was angry because I had to pee so bad; I couldn’t understand why he would make me hold it so long. As we were driving around, i was getting more and more angry. I asked him a million questions- each time getting more and more grumpy. I asked him “where is this place?” and he said “it’s on this road, help me find it”. Some of the questions: why do you want to buy speakers in Ellensburg, why would you buy speakers from someone on Craigslist, do you have cash to pay them, why is it taking soo long, do you realize how ghetto this is, do you know how bad I have to pee?

I was a monster. So we finally pulled up to a jewelry shop and it didn’t even sink it. My first thought: what kind of ghetto place sells jewelry AND speakers. Then it happened. It was so incredible. I know that many women know when it is about to happen or have an idea, but I had none. In fact, I told him he was “stressing me out”. We went into the shop and I got to choose my own ring. Because the ring was handmade, it is one of a kind. I love it but I definitely love him more and I have never been so shocked and surprised.

So now, we have a really cute engagement story- thanks to Manfriend and me being a turd the whole time! I was joking yesterday that because I was such a monster, he should have driven up to the shop and said “this is what was going to happen if you would have behaved”. Thankfully he didn’t. Of course I cried, of course I was shaking and of course it was not cheesy. Had he proposed on one knee, at a fancy restaurant, or on the side of a cliff at the beach- I would have said “no”. That’s just not our style.

But…this is my style and he knew that. I’m excited and nervous and overwhelmed. I’ve always known I would be with him forever but didn’t think this would happen like it did…but I am glad it did. It’s a blessing to still be in love with someone after five years. I’m excited that we will get old and cranky together, but I am most excited that I get to spend the rest of my “journey” with Tyler by my side.

5 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I’m an idiot — I remember seeing it on your hand when we met for lunch but I forgot to ask you about it! It’s a beautiful stone, and it’s more beautiful for the story.

  2. Geez did you notice the minister messed up the quote by accidently omitting the word “jewelry”? Shame on that handsome mofo, whoever he is!

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