The Verdict Is…

We have been anxiously awaiting the news of whether Baby Mac would be a boy or girl. On Friday, we found out!

If you will recall, I did the nifty little red cabbage sex test a couple of months back and it told me we would have a boy. The Chinese Gender Predictor said we would be having a boy. Mommy and Daddy intuition said we would have a boy. Last week I couldn’t wait and took the Intelligender test and it said we were having a boy.

I have to admit that I was unbelievably nervous before the big anatomy scan and I almost made myself sick. The first thing the ultrasound technician did was ask what we thought we were having. We told her and she sail “well, let’s see”. The first thing she showed us: baby’s goods. I got a little teary eyed seeing Baby Mac for the first time in so long and I have never felt so happy!

So what are we having? Well, you all know we are expecting a baby. I was nervous the baby wouldn’t open it’s legs, but the first thing we saw was a little penis.


DaddyMac wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, he was convinced it was a boy from day 1. I really started to believe it was a boy in the last few months. We both knew we would be ecstatic either way as long as baby was healthy, but we kind of knew it was a boy- so it wasn’t a shock to us.

The only downside to the whole ultrasound experience is that I have Placenta Previa. Basically, this is when the placenta covers the cervix. I am a little crushed about this right now! As you well know by now- we are planning a natural drug-free home birth. If the Previa does not move in a couple of months- we will have to have a mandatory C-Section. This makes me so sad. It can lead to pre-term labor and serious bleeding, so it’s not good but it’s definitely not the worst thing that could happen. All I can hope is that my Placenta moves before the baby is full term. We are definitely OK with having a C-Section if that means it is safest for baby and me, but we’re trying to think positive so that we won’t have to.

The greatest thing about seeing Baby Mac yesterday was that he was laying there the whole time with his legs spread apart for the whole world to see. The one thing he would not show- his face! He was laying with his head near my cervix in a tiny little ball with his hands covering his face. His butt was in the air with his legs flailing about. We think he will definitely take after his dad since he already is comfortable showing his business!

Here are some photos. We couldn’t get a clear profile shot as Baby Mac wasn’t willing to show his face, but this child will have some long legs!

That last pic is the money shot. It’s hard for some people to see what it is but you can clearly see his two legs and his boy business in between.

This was one of the happiest days of our lives. We have been talking about it and smiling ever since. It feels so surreal to know who is living inside of me and to know that we made such an amazing little guy. We went on a shopping spree today and bought tons of clothes. Of course, Manfriend is obsessed with the little baseball outfits so it’s going to be difficult to keep the clothing gender neutral at this point. One if the funniest things I did was buy an outfit for baby before I knew it was a boy (I thought it was gender neutral) but I didn’t see the front until my sister pointed it out that it said “Best Little Brother”. Well…we aren’t returning it. If anyone asks I will be that person who says “Chloe and Butters were here first!” because they are family too.

I can’t say that anything tops this portion of my “Journey to Thirty” so far. Maybe once he actually gets here, that will be the highlight of this Journey. For now though, I love thinking that our family will grow and that I am so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family in my life to experience this with us.

PS: Now that I think about it- having a boy may explain the nightly sex dreams….

7 thoughts on “The Verdict Is…

  1. Ha ha I can’t believe that you posted the “money shot” that is hilarious! Your Journey to Thirty is becoming more and more exciting! Who would have thought when you started this blog you would be writing about this? Well maybe you, but certainly not me!

    1. I know! The money shot is HILARIOUS and it had to be posted just because it is so funny!

      I agree that the Journey to Thirty is becoming more exciting! Though, I assume in 5 months time I will be posting about more fun things like poop and food everywhere….

  2. So it is a girl after all, congratulations! Caleb will be a big brother now to his cute little sister. I bet he is really excited. I guess it is just normal to feel that way when you are expecting something, but at least you get to have both now. This is going to be a great ride of your family. Good luck.

  3. Why you allways want to know boy or a girl is it ? It is a baby, you should happy that you have a baby. Some people have problems and they can`t born the baby, you can so be happy. And also my congratulations.

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