Meet Baby Mac

Well, I have officially “popped”. It seems like it happened within the last week. Everyone at school is noticing; we’re talking people I never interact with, so it must be clear at this stage. My midwife thought I would pop late as I am so tall (5’11”) but apparently baby is making its presence known. I started showing right around 14 weeks but this last week and a half has been insane. Today was the first day that one pair of my jeans wouldn’t zip. At all. Not even a bit. Thank god for the Bella Band and maternity clothes.

I am not 100% comfortable with all of the attention from people but I am sure to get use to it as I get bigger. So far I am feeling good and getting antsy to find out boy or girl…only 7 more days! Mommy and MacDaddy intuition says boy and so does everyone else…minus one, but we’ll see. (Also, it has been decided that manfriend will now be called MacDaddy because it is just too perfect a nickname not to use!)

Here is a comparison between week 16 and week 17:

Crazy right? I didn’t think it would happen so fast, but it makes the whole thing feel more real. Sleeping is just starting to get uncomfortable but I am happy to deal with it if it means B is happy and healthy.

2 thoughts on “Meet Baby Mac

  1. HOLY CRAP JENN!!! You have so popped out, by the way the first time I read that I thought it said pooped. You look great! we must make plans soon. I felt the same way, it is so much more real when you start to really show. Thank god for the Bella Band, a little secret-I still wear mine with certain pants! They are a god send.

  2. When I edited the page I thought it said “pooped” too! haha. The Bella Band IS heaven. I have decided it will be a staple once period returns and I am bloated!

    We do need to make plans. We will be up the weekend of May 7, so let’s try to meet up!

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