Sewing Creations

Sewing Creations

Lately I’ve been making a lot of stuff. Bibs and onesies for my friends using my embroidery machine and now I have been moving on to art and knitting.

With my embroidery machine, I just buy little things and embroidery personal information on them and give them as gifts. They are really easy and cheap and people really seem to love them. I won’t include the pictures of most of those things I have created for other people since it has their last names on it and I don’t want to give out any semblance of personal information, so I will show some of what I have done.

I’ve found that I’m really bored with knitting lately. I think it is because sewing is so much faster and I get instant gratification. The following are bibs and a onesie. “Tyburger” is an inside reference because manfriend makes especially delicious hamburgers that everyone calls “Tyburgers” and baby is certain to love them in years to come!

I’ll be making more in weeks to come now that my energy is back! I plan on making one for baby that says “I love…” for everyone who the baby is certain to be in love with that we know!

3 thoughts on “Sewing Creations

  1. That’s pretty awesome! I think you’ll be the source of envy for the other moms who will see your baby in such nice bibs and stuff while their own babies are wearing the crappy, generic store bought stuff. They will be hate hate hating it up trying to bring back the playa haters ball. Good work! : )

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