Blue/Green Striped Nursery: Progress

I thought I would share how the baby’s room is (slowly) progressing. I have to attribute the stripes to younghouselove’s “how-to” for painting horizontal stripes. You can find the link to their instructions here. We chose Sherwin Williams zero voc paint. It was more pricey than other paint but we got 25% off and a couple of coupons to save some dollars. My biggest advice (and many people will lend support to this) is to buy the best painter’s tape you can. We bought Scotch painter’s tape and it was a miracle. We ran out for taping the molding and bought another brand, and it was horrible!

Here are the paint colors we chose. Actually, manfriend chose these. I was relieved he picked these colors as he said his first choice was bright green! The first is Byte Blue and the second is Topiary Tint. We only did stripes on two of the walls and the other two are in the green color. We’re really impressed with how it turned out!

These colors look great together. I was worried it would look like a circus tent but fortunately they compliment each other really well. Actually, when you walk in the room in the morning you can barely tell there are two different colors on the wall because they blend so well.

The following are a couple of pictures. We are only 1/4 way done but this will give you an idea. I hung the Nikki McClure prints and I drew the elephant picture using chalk pastels. I plan on drawing a few more animal photos in the coming months, but this is just a sample. I am also knitting animals to match the ones I draw, so once those are done, you’ll get to see how they connect. Most of the furniture is from IKEA (minus the crib) as we know it’ll see some good days…and some bad.

That’s it so far. Once we get the crib and dresser and I finish the art pieces, I’ll post more.

5 thoughts on “Blue/Green Striped Nursery: Progress

  1. So cute! Nice decorating skills, guys. You know that baby’s not gonna care, but it’ll make it enjoyable for you. Hope you have a whizz-bang changing table to take the sting out of that one, too. 🙂

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