Growing Veggies

Growing Veggies

I finally planted my little seedlings. I am a little late this year but I still think it will all work out! Last year we had pear tomatoes everywhere and we couldn’t eat them in time. This year we decided to grow larger tomatoes so we could eat them in time…and use them on our BBQ burgers!

We don’t plant any of our veggies in ground. Lots of reasons for that: our dogs, arsenic in the soil, rodents, you name it. I also prefer growing my veggies in pots. I can put them anywhere and they are really pretty in pots. We could do a raised bed, but like I said, we have dogs and they love veggies so they will eat EVERYTHING. Keep in mind that we live in the Seattle, WA area so we cannot grow things that the hotter regions can but we are just fine with our bounty!

We don’t grow much more than tomatoes, lettuce, and the occasional peas. This year we are growing tomatoes (brandywine and grape), peas, and peppers. I haven’t started the lettuce yet but will this weekend. We grow the lettuce indoors and it does exceptionally well. In fact, we had so much of it last year that we had to eat salad with every meal! The lettuce that we grew last year was so delicious. It was like eating butter. Mmm.

Peppers are a new venture for us. We LOVE spicy food and manfriend said he doesn’t care which veggies we grow as long as we grow peppers too. So we bought a variety pack of peppers. I have no idea what will pop up, but I assume they will be delicious!

We talked about growing tomatoes year round in our basement because store-bought tomatoes are never as tasty as homegrown and homegrown is much cheaper. I don’t know if we will have the motivation to grow ’em indoors though as they take a lot of time and we would need special equipment which slightly resembles the equipment used to grow marijuana. I will say that now that we have been growing tomatoes, we will never stop. They are the best thing on the planet and I eat ’em like they are candy.

We do have plums growing in our backyard and they are absolutely amazing (though they don’t really fit into the the whole “veggie post” aspect). We also have apples and pears growing in our backyard but we have yet to eat any of them. In fact, we had no idea there were even pears back there until Butters came running into the house with a rotten pear in her mouth. Hopefully, we will start to use those two fruits!

My hope for the future is to continue to grow veggies in our yard until we are too old to do it. I love the feeling of picking fresh veggies and making dinner with them. They smell wonderful, they look amazing, and the price is right! This is definitely one activity that will continue throughout my “Journey to Thirty”!

2 thoughts on “Growing Veggies

  1. That’s awesome that you guys do that! Instead of driving to the store just go pick it from the pot. Safer, too, considering you know the history of the fruit or vegetable and don’t have to worry about pesticides or how many people have put their grubby hands all over it in the grocery store!

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