Mobile Mania

Since I love all things handmade, I plan on purchasing a handmade mobile from a seller on etsy. There are hundreds to choose from, but I want to share some of my favorites! I plan on making a couple of my own just for little embellishments. The ones I plan on making are similar to the ones shown on younghouselove.

Since we are keeping our wee one’s room gender neutral, I’ll make our version a few different colors to contrast the blue and green walls. I’ve looked at lots of baby stores and just cannot find a mobile that really tickles my fancy. To be frank, most of them look ridiculous to me. Here are some of the mobiles I am jonesin’ for…

Soo many choices, soo little time! Leave a comment with your favorite!

8 thoughts on “Mobile Mania

  1. Whoa they’re all so purrty! I think I’m partial towards the clouds or the owls, but they’re all pretty great.

    By the way, your idea to keep the room gender neutral is wise, and more importantly, practical since you won’t have to repaint once the baby is older and starts to dislike the simplistic baby colors of baby blue or pink or whatever people who have babies use.

  2. I love them all. It’s gonna be a tough call. Fortunately, I will show them to Ty and he will say “yes” or “no” right away. It takes him no time to tell me what he likes/dislikes.

    I believe the gender neutral/not too baby-looking is the way to go. Ty picked out great paint colors and we’re halfway done so far!

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