Egg Ornaments

Last year I bought an ornament tree from Crate & Barrel and I love it too much to only have it up once a year, so I decided that I will leave it up year round and decorate it for the seasons. I cannot find it online to share the link but I did find an image of one, so you can get the general idea. At Christmastime, I draped beads all over the tree and it looked really nice so this year I decided to make eggs for the ornament tree.

I channeled my inner 5 year old and whipped out the glue, water, balloons, yarn, and prepared myself for a mess! I chose a thick pearly white yarn because I wanted to keep it simple but I may try different colors in the future just to jazz it up a bit. Here is the finished product:

Yarn eggs

yarn egg ornaments

Here is how you make the yarn eggs:

1. Blow up some balloons to any size you’d like. I bought the novelty balloons and will try long hotdog shapes for summer.
2. Pour glue into a little bowl and add enough water to make it runny.
3. Dip your yarn in the glue mixture and then drain the excess glue off the yarn.
4. Wrap your balloons with the yarn and let it sit overnight. I had to keep rotating the balloons to make sure they were drying properly and not sticking to the paper.
5. Pop the balloons. Your eggs will collapse, but don’t worry they will pop back into shape!
6. Decorate!

Here is what the wrapped balloons look like while drying. I actually like the way the bright balloons look with the white yarn, but the balloons were really cheap and were slowly deflating. They do tend to stick to the paper, so you could hang them from something with paper beneath them to catch and drippings from the glue. It’s not a one night project by any means but you get the general idea of the process…

yarn eggs drying

You don’t necessarily need an ornament tree to pull off these cute yarn eggs. They look great in a bowl as a table centerpiece because they keep their shape really well. I thought it might be fun to dye this like real Easter eggs…but my motivation didn’t last that long.

The tree  looks really great on our dining table and I bought a festive pastel plaid tablecloth from Target to tie the whole thing together. I couldn’t find the tablecloth online but it is definitely colorful and worthy of the $12.99 I paid to spruce up the dining room.

I had visions of decorating for every holiday, but I find that decorating for the seasons is a lot easier and you get to enjoy the decor longer. I have a couple more years of ideas for seasonal decorating on my “Journey to Thirty” so we’ll see where they take me. I don’t believe in decorating your whole house (unless it’s Christmas) so I try to keep it to the dining room when decorating seasonally. Decorating makes me feel good and I like walking into a room that is well put together and is attractive to look at. Try it out!eggs and birds

(sorry for the bad pics. When I moved my blog I lost a lot of images)

4 thoughts on “Egg Ornaments

  1. I have made those with my kids in centers before, and I was thinking of making those with Olivia tonight, I was just not wanting the mess that comes with a 3 year old. They look great!

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