MMM Lasagna

MMM Lasagna

Today I made the most delicious lasagna from scratch…and without following a recipe! I am crazy proud of myself because 1. I have never made lasagna and 2. It was unbelievably delicious. We had a ton of zucchini and crimini mushrooms and because I love zucchini and mushrooms so much I knew they had to go in the lasagna.

This is a vegetarian lasagna but you can add meat if you like. Here is the recipe:

4 medium zucchinis
15 crimini mushrooms (or whichever mushrooms you like)
16 oz ricotta cheese
1 jar pasta sauce (I prefer Trader Joe’s Basil sauce)
Lasagna noodles (you don’t need many of these)
2 eggs
Mozzarella cheese
9×13 inch pan

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Slice the zucchini into long slices (not too thin). Boil the zucchini for a few minutes and drain on a paper towel. Combine the ricotta cheese and eggs in a bowl and set aside. In your 9×13 inch pan, lather a thin layer of pasta sauce and cover it with a layer of zucchini. Cover the zucchini with a layer of the ricotta cheese mixture and then cover with sliced mushrooms and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top. Place a layer of lasagna noodles over the mushrooms and cover them with pasta sauce. Repeat the layering process. Top with a ton of mozzarella cheese! Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour. For the last 45 minutes take the foil off to allow the cheese to get crispy.

The picture above was taken after manfriend and I devoured almost half of the pan so it isn’t a very lovely photo. I only used about 7 lasagna noodles because I wanted the zucchini to be the main foundation for the lasagna. I plan on trying this same recipe with eggplant in the future. The mushrooms definitely make it hearty and you won’t miss the meat at all if you are a meat lover.

This lasagna is so delicious and it was fun trying something new. This year I have been more into cooking than ever and I have found that I am not too bad at it! Manfriend will literally eat anything so I am the judge of whether something is good or not. There has only been one time when I made something disgusting: cookies. Manfriend still ate them…after he soaked them in milk. What a great guinea pig, huh? Rest assured there will be many more tasty (and probably not-so-tasty) recipes on this “Journey to Thirty” and I look forward to sharing their successes (and failures).

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