The Greatest Sound

I bought a doppler a few weeks ago because I wanted to be able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home. I bought the Sonoline B 3mhz from for $65 and it has been worth every penny for my peace of mind. It took a while to find it but now I can pretty much find it within a couple of minutes. It seems like each time I listen it is louder and it makes me relieved to know the baby is alive and kicking in there!

After seeing our baby flipping and kicking around at our ultrasound last week, this whole pregnancy thing is actually starting to kick in. What really made it sink in is that the baby is actually starting to look human now…rather than like a ghost! (Seriously, it looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost for a while there!)

This weekend we are going to buy paint for the baby room and I am really excited to get going on that. I will certainly be showing that off once it is done because I have been drawing pictures for the baby’s room this past week. The room will certainly be funky and cute but never overly “babyish” because we just don’t roll that way.

Today was my first official midwife appointment at Rainy City Midwifery in Seattle. I am really excited to be going the all natural route and really feel like it is going to be an amazing experience for all of us. It feels wonderful to have someone sit and talk to you about everything and not feel rushed. Seriously, my appointment was almost 2 hours long! I left feeling even better about my decision than I had before. Though I need to start a prenatal yoga class and talk to a pregnancy counselor as the midwife immediately noticed that I am overly worried and anxious about everything. It feels great to know that she spotted my crazy without me even mentioning it!

I was also pleased to be told that I have “perfect nipples”. Seriously, I never thought in my life that someone would say that to me but it made me feel good because it’s something I have been concerned about. Not in the sense you might be thinking but I have wondered if breastfeeding will be an issue. Nevertheless, a compliment is a compliment! I know here in Seattle many people can find out the sex early but it is looking like we won’t know until 20 weeks! I was hoping to know around 17-18 weeks. If you refer back to my older posts- I have zero patience! So imagine how tough waiting to know will be!

So here is a clip of the greatest sound in the world to me right now. Our baby’s heartbeat! Its not the clearest picture, but the picture is less important than the sound.

I never thought that a heartbeat would make me happy but it does. I like that with the doppler I can also hear my heartbeat. It is so amazing that there is less than one inch between the sound of my heartbeat and the baby’s. (No, my heart is not in my pelvis but it does beat loud enough that you can hear your heartbeat in your pelvis!) There are many sounds that have accompanied my “Journey to Thirty” but this is one sound that I have loved from the moment I heard it.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Sound

  1. I agree hearing the heartbeat was the best. I would tear up almost everytime! So fun that you have a doppler to listen whenever you want. I would listen all the time, so reassuring.

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