Go Long? Go Blond?

I made an executive decision (because no one else can make this decision for me) and decided to grow out my hair. I haven’t had long hair since I was about 20. Seriously. I have never liked long hair and I think shorter hair cuts are always cuter and they look better styled. Over the years of hearing “will you ever grow your hair long?” I decided to succumb. I will. But what is the definition of “long”. To some it is butt length; to others it is nipple length. To me…long is anything below my chin. I don’t think I will get much past my shoulders and as summer approaches it will be even harder to not get out my scissors! So here is the current length:

(Please note: my skin is still as horrible as ever.) I thought I would start by sharing some of my short do’s. I always cut my hair because I think I do just as good a job as a professional and I don’t even have to pay! I do tip myself with a curtsy and a simple “a-thank you” in the mirror though. Who wouldn’t!? In the words of Ferris Beuller “never had one lesson”…and I am proud of that. Actually, I’ve always cut people’s hair and never believed I would need lessons unless someone wanted the Anna Wintour bob (which I will never attempt because it’s heinous). So here are some of my favorite shorties (and I’ll throw in a few blondies too because I feel like going back soon). Of course, the blond won’t happen for a while…:

What are your thoughts? I thought I would leave it to you…but if you know me well, you should know, I’ll end up doing what I want anyway. The Journey to Thirty is all about sharing your life choices with others and often times, we do end up caring about what other people think. I thought I would share this decision with you because some decisions are more fun when you let others make them!

Go Long? Go Blond?opinion

One thought on “Go Long? Go Blond?

  1. Ha ha wow I remember the blonde hair! Totally forgot about that, it’s been a while since you rocked it! Too bad I tied the polls up. I voted for long and brown, which made things even all across the board! Uh oh what will you do now?

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