Hanging with My Girls

Hanging with My Girls

I bet you thought this would be about my girlfriends, right? Well, you are wrong. Whenever I reference “my girls” I am always referring to Chloe and Butters- my dogs. The weather was a crisp 60 degrees today but the sun was out and I wanted to go on a walk. A sunny Friday and I was off work at noon? How awesome is that!? Usually we go on walks around the neighborhood but I decided to take them to a park down the road with paved trails. It’s really pretty but also really quiet so you can get some quality thinking time in.

My dogs love to pull me whenever we walk and I have spent more money than I care to share on head collars and pinch collars- but they don’t work. Since I purchased the Gentle Leader Halters our walks have been amazing! It took a while to get the halters to fit the girls correctly, but now that I have the settings correct, we just snap them on and go. Chloe still tries to pull with this halter on. It’s crazy how strong she is! Butters rarely pulls with the halter on; she spends most of her time nudging Chloe in different directions so it really looks like she is herding and walking as close to Chloe as possible. They are definitely girlfriends.

I took pictures of plants along the walk and just as I was about to take a picture of a beautiful wild flower, Butters ran up and ripped the petals off! I found another one though, so she didn’t ruin my plans completely. To be frank, I was actually a little wary walking here alone. It’s all wooded and while there are some trails visible from the road, most are surrounded. My nerves eased up when I saw a boy riding his bike with his dog running behind him. We left after about 45 minutes because I had to pee and the dogs were exhausted.

They couldn’t wait to get in the door! Unfortunately, once they got in the house, Butters grabbed her two tennis balls and ran outside ready for more fun in the sun! Chloe, on the other hand, was ready for a nap.

I love walking with my girls and wonder what I will do with a baby in tow. I hate to say it but should we have a girl, she will be looped into the term “my girls” when all four of us are out and about. For that reason alone, this better be a boy… I have always joked that if we had a kid, the kid would have to sit in the trunk because there’s just no room for two dogs and a baby in the car!

I enjoy taking legitimate journeys on my “Journey to Thirty” and I have to admit that Chloe and Butters have joined me on most of them. In fact, I don’t think I have ever gone on a walk without them. It just wouldn’t be the same and seeing Chloe’s whitening face makes me realize just how special our little “journeys” are.

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