Ode to Manfriend

Ode to Manfriend

I have always thought that I completely lucked out with manfriend, but now it’s really apparent. We are going on five years together- five of the best years of my life. I’ve always been cynical and never believed in that ooey gooey “love” from the movies. But now, I’m not so sure if I think it’s silly anymore.

I have never met anyone with as much patience as manfriend. In fact, he deserves an award for his outstanding tolerance. I am obnoxious. I am loud. I am impatient. And I am a constant worrier…(we’re talking all of the time). He is none of these things. Actually, he is probably the lone person on this planet who could deal with those things about me and that’s what makes him so cool.

I blame my wacky hormones for how I have been feeling lately. I have been nauseous, grumpy, hungry, tired and moody. I would be sugar coating things if I told you that I am complaining about all of those things. It’s much worse, really. I think all manfriend hears these days is just how “tired, grumpy, hungry, nauseous” I am. And it’s on constant repeat like the cd of our current relationship is skipping over and over again.

These are the beautiful flowers I received from manfriend. They were so cool because they were green, yellow, pink and orange. Definitely non-traditional colors and the green rose was especially beautiful. It’s not rare for manfriend to send flowers out of the blue with a note that says something along the lines of “who needs a special date to celebrate someone you love?”

Usually he makes me dinner, gets me things to drink, rubs my feet, or asks how I am feeling when I am complaining. I have done none of those things for him in weeks! In fact, I haven’t even made dinner in almost 9 weeks! Well, I made dinner two times but that’s not saying much. Let’s face it- I pretty much suck right now. I know I would be annoyed if I were in his shoes but he has never once acted annoyed with me. Ever. Crazy right? Even as I type this, manfriend is leaving to get me those nasty cheesy/chili nachos from 7/11 because I am craving them. That’s love right there.

I can literally count on one hand the number of times that manfriend has been in a bad mood. In fact, I can’t even think about the last time that he was grumpy because it was so long ago. He just doesn’t get grumpy or angry unless it is something big. I don’t know anyone that he doesn’t get along with and if there is someone he doesn’t get along with- I assure you it is because something is wrong with them. Manfriend gets along with everyone and I mean everyone.

This doesn’ t mean he is perfect or that he doesn’t have flaws, because everyone does but it’s not worth discussing here. My skin is breaking out worse than ever and I feel fat and bloated and he has the nerve to tell me I look beautiful! Who is this guy!? Anyway, that’s just a sample of how awesome he is.

Since we were on this whole “baby makin” journey he has been more than wonderful. I received a beautiful necklace from him with three pearls on it and a note that read “one for you, one for me, and one for our future addition”. That was even before we found out we were having a baby! Again, who is this guy!? Nevertheless, I wear this necklace almost everyday because it is sort of a good luck charm to me. It makes me feel great when people compliment me on it because it reminds me of the day I got it.

It’s weird because I never wanted to be married and I certainly never wanted kids. That all changed when I met manfriend. He’s certainly going to be the best father around and will no doubt be a better parent than me! The first time I met him I thought he was weird. He also tried to pour beer on me that same night so it started off shakey! Actually, I knew the moment I met him that he would be in my life somehow. It wasn’t that whole “love at first sight” business but it was certainly something so I couldn’t deny that. Now, I cannot imagine my life without him. Maybe it’s my raging hormones, but if I even think about him somehow not being in my life I become a blubbering mess.

From here on out things are destined to get crazier. I am nervous and excited about what our future holds. One thing is for sure though: I wouldn’t want to be on this “Journey to Thirty” with anyone else. Here’s to sharing life’s journeys with someone special. Someone who makes you laugh, someone who makes you feel better when you are sad and someone who complements you. For me, I am thankful to have found that person so early in my life and that person is Tyler.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Manfriend

  1. What the–the veil of anonymity has been lifted, and Tyler has been declared as an actual person as opposed to the vague conceptualization of a “manfriend.” This in itself is cause to celebrate!

    I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head w/ that one. That’s my (and yours, but mainly mine) Ty Ty! Actually, it was quite revealing; although I know that Ty is exceedingly considerate, I had no idea he was such a romantic…until now. Good stuff, my friend.

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