Nikki McClure

My obsession with Nikki McClure began a few years ago. One of my friends gave me one of her cards and since then, I have been in love. As you know by now, I love anything made out of paper, so naturally, Nikki McClure’s art fits the bill. She is phenomenal and does everything with an x-acto knife and a single sheet of paper. I have tried this technique and it is tough! Sure, squares and triangles are easy, but the second you try to do circles or organic shapes that x-acto knife becomes your worst enemy!

I knew my midwife was meant to be when I sat in her office and saw a Nikki McClure calendar hanging on the wall. It was destiny and we both discussed our love for her art! I always knew I would decorate our baby’s room with Nikki McClure’s art once we had the chance- so imagine how excited I was when my first prints arrived in the mail! I order all of her art from This is a fabulous website because it features local artists and the price and quality cannot be matched. Shipping is quick and the website is organized well so you can find anything that interests you.

These two prints are hanging in our office. I decoupaged the prints onto canvas because I wanted them to look old/weathered. Part of the prints became discolored during the process but I think they look cool and it gives them more or an “old” look that I was going for.

These two pieces are hanging on a wall in our kitchen. I have a couple more McClure images but you get the idea… I bought most of the prints in the pre-selected sets. I have about 7 prints that I have yet to hang because I don’t know where to put them yet. I assume they will go somewhere in the future because I love them too much to keep hidden.

The images below are the prints I just purchased. They are  set of four archival prints and I absolutely love them! I am so excited to frame them and hang them in the coming weeks.

I have never been a fan of making a baby’s room overly cutesy or into something that screams “a kid lives here” so I think these prints will look great in there. I will also be painting some pictures to put in there so it will be rather eclectic. I also purchased Nikki McClure’s “The First 1000 Days” journal. I read great reviews about this journal. Most people seem to love that the book isn’t lined or structured and thereby limits what you can do. This is more of an “open” journal and there is room for such great things like: first taste of blueberry, first boat ride, favorite activities, etc. It is really great and cleverly done.

She has also made some really creative children’s books, that I am sure to buy in the future. Thus far in my life, Nikki McClure is my favorite artist. I think it is important to find something you love and really absorb it. Whether you buy lots of prints (as I do) or whether you just dream of owning something, it is always nice to have a “favorite”. If art isn’t your “thing” find something else that is.

The “Journey to Thirty” is all about discovering ourselves and part of that should be discovering your “favorites” in this world. After all, the things you love say a lot about you and who you are. Figure those things out and celebrate them. For now, my love for Nikki McClure’s hand cut paper creations are my obsession and I cannot wait to attain more of her work…though I am likely to stick to prints only as originals are not one of my wallet’s favorite things!

4 thoughts on “Nikki McClure

  1. I too am IN LOVE with Nikki Mcclure and I am eating up as much as I can right now. I have no prints…but am hoping to acquire some soon as I too wanted them in my baby girl’s room. This woman is amazing. I have her “First 1000 days” and “Collect Raindrops”…I stumbled upon her on Amazon in my search for a baby book and I wish I’d known of her long ago…Oh to have a bit of that talent!! On to saving for prints!! And dreaming of an original!! 🙂

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