Red Cabbage Sex Test

I was reading on a forum the other day that doing a simple test with red cabbage before you are 10 weeks pregnant will tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. When you search for this online, most of the results say “red cabbage gender test” but it’s not a gender test, it’s a sex test.

Let me get on my sociological soapbox for a moment. Sex and gender are NOT the same thing. The easiest way to explain the difference is that sex is biological and gender is culturally created. Sex=male/female; Gender=masculine/feminine expectations of sex. Thus, you are never determining the gender of a baby with a “gender” test or an ultrasound…you are determining the sex. Only the sex. (I had to make sure you all know the difference before I go any further). This also means, do not ask me “what’s the gender?” because I’ll say something snotty like “Ohh, probably masculine but most people are androgynous so who really knows”. Moving on…

One thing to point out is that this is for fun only. This is in no way certain, so I wouldn’t put money on it, unless you’s a bettin man, then you should probably go for it. Many women on the forum I read were noticing a “girl” result, so the thought was circulating that maybe everyone would get “girl” and the test is bogus.

Below is how to perform the test:

1. Buy red cabbage
2. Dice red cabbage into small pieces (about 1 cup)
3. Boil red cabbage in water (I used about 1.5 cups)
4. Drain the red cabbage but SAVE the water. (about 1/4 C)
5. Let the cabbage water cool to room temperature.
6. Go pee in a something (I held it for about 5 hours so it was especially icky)
7. Make sure the amounts of pee are equal to the cabbage water.
8. Mix and see. Red= boy and Purple= girl.

Here is a pic of my results. Some of the women posted three pics: one of the cabbage water, one of their urine, and the end result. I refuse to post my urine on my blog because that is disgusting, so this is the result only.

As you can see, my result is “boy”. We’ll see if it’s true or not. I feel like it’s a boy and so does Tyler, but only time will tell. In the end, it won’t really matter anyway. As long as the baby is healthy and screaming- that’s all I care about and besides- this was just a little “test”.

We do lots of “tests” on our “Journey to Thirty”. Some are for school or work and others are for fun. Sometimes I will find myself “testing” strange things and thinking  “if this, than that” but life doesn’t always cooperate with our little tests. This testwas definitely fun and silly but it did kind of creep me out. I found myself thinking “how would anyone even know if this is correct and where is the research to back this up”? But, who cares because it was fun. I am sure I will have many more tests on my Journey to Thirty, but for now, this one was alright with me.

Update: The test was correct: we’re having a boy! Read more about it on this post: The Verdict Is.

6 thoughts on “Red Cabbage Sex Test

  1. You’re representing sociology to the fullest! Sociologists everywhere would be proud. I remember my Gender and Society prof in undergrad ranting emphatically about that difference. I also had a prof in grad school that was very adamant about establishing that point thoroughly; it’s like if someone confused the two, she took it as a personal affront.

    That test is crazy though!

    1. Well, you spend so much time hoping they will learn and apply the material that it makes you sad when people forget. I always tell them “this WILL be on your quiz, so you better not miss it!”

      I do the same thing with race/ethnicity. I know it helps lots of them and they are happy to know the difference. I do love those little buggers.

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