Paper Cuts

With Valentine’s Day’s arrival I dug out my paper and glue and created a card for manfriend. Since we have been together (almost 5 years!) I have always loved making him homemade cards. Last year I was so busy with all of my jobs that I barely made him any so I need to get back in the saddle this year! I have always loved making things out of paper because I think paper can be made to look like anything you can imagine.

In college, I made some of my friends homemade cards and that took forever! I am certain those are in the trash now, but I know manfriend saves all of his…well, he better anyway. I thought I would share some of my paper creations with you. One of my favorites was destroyed when we first moved in together. It was a turkey with stuffing. I made it for manfriend for our first Thanksgiving and since I couldn’t cook, I had to make it out of paper. So, I stuffed the cool paper turkey with poly-fill. It was pretty cool, if I do say so…and I do!

Below are some of the cards I have made manfriend in the past. I only included photos of the front as the inside is personal and I don’t believe anyone should get to see that except for him.

I made the first card shown above this year. I thought it was fitting since we are expecting a baby and all. It’s not as creative as I have been in the past, but it’s a good shot considering that I have been so tired I don’t even want to move. The second card is probably one of my favorite cards I have ever made. It says “Each day I love you mower and mower”. I thought it was clever but it was also really fun to make!

The two cards above are anniversary cards. The one with the toe popping out of the shoe has more shoes on the inside; one shoe is way to big, but the last shoe is just right (Goldilocks reference). The spoons (image on the upper left) is another one of my favorites. Not only because I think it is a cute card but because it was really fun to make. You will also notice the tbsp and the tsp…I felt especially clever with that one!

The fish card is another anniversary card and the santa card was done our first Christmas together. Santa’s robe actually opens up to show a naked santa with lots of cottonball chest hair and a hernia. This was the year manfriend had hernia surgery so I thought it would be funny to make santa have one too. It’s actually kind of creepy so I opted out of not sharing with anyone.

I love making cards as I feel like they are more personal than store bought cards. My dream would be to be able to make cards for everyone I know, but they just take so long to make that I cannot do it. I plan on making many more cards on my “Journey to Thirty”, in fact, I already have some “clever” ideas up my sleeve and many of you will be seeing them! I suggest making things out of anything you can find.

I think homemade gifts and art are always the most special items in your home, so why not bust out the paper, the glue, and the scissors and get creative! I promise you will love what you’ve made and if it’s a card- the recipient will love the thought!

6 thoughts on “Paper Cuts

  1. Pssh, I think they’re overrated, mainly because the ones I tried to do were horrible! Did you ever see Autumn’s Christmas 2008 card? Yikes!

    But in all seriousness, that’s awesome that you’re so talented in making your own cards–and they look WAY better than anything you can find in the store. I think the pucker up fish one and the vegetable people in bed are super cute. Plus that beard one you gave me I think it was during my first year of grad school was quite superb!

    1. Those are spoons in the bed! They are “spooning”! I think they look pretty cool too. What’s sad is I have mastered the art of finishing a card in 30 minutes!

      Thanks for the compliments. Your facial hair card was AWESOME!

  2. Ahhh okay I get it! That makes a lot more sense. You said the spoons were in the upper left, but I didn’t look in the immediate upper left; instead, I looked in the upper upper left, so it was like a pregnancy card or something about love creating a baby. I was like “Damn Ty Ty has some super duper spooning skills if his spooning produced a bwabay!”

    But that is clever. Spoons that are spooning! Ha ha ha. One question still lingers, though: why are the spoons green?

  3. Thanks Becca. I totally would but I think that market is saturated right now. I think I like the idea of card kits where someone could assemble the card themselves so its 50/50 store bought and hand made!

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