Turning Negative to Positive

It’s official. We’re going to have a baby! I debated when I would post about this on my blog because we found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks and 4 days, which is incredibly early and we are still very nervous/cautious about the whole thing. This is the benefit (or downfall) of temping because you find out very early. Actually, my temperatures didn’t clue me into anything as I had hoped they would.


I took a nap in the afternoon and dreamed that I took a pregnancy test and peed all over myself. When I woke up I decided to test, and it was positive! That night I had really strange dreams. One included me and manfriend in the top of a double decker bus where I was giving birth. I remember thinking in my dream “this doesn’t hurt at all; it just feels like I have to poop!” and then we had a little boy. That really clued me into something going on within my body.

Of course, manfriend didn’t really believe me. I took many tests and after getting blood work done he finally asked “does this mean you’re pregnant?”. Because my doctor had just put me on progesterone for my short luteal phase, my doctor wants to monitor me every couple of weeks to ensure we don’t miss a miscarriage. So, this is where we are now. We have had two ultrasounds. The first at 5weeks3days and the second at 6weeks3days. Since everything looks good so far, we go back at 8 weeks to make sure everything is progressing normally.

Manfriend has been just as amazing as I thought he would be. He always asks if he can get me anything, if I want anything, he checks to see how I am feeling, he rubs me and he is very patient when I am driving the “grump truck”. I always knew he would be an amazing father but I like getting to see how excited he is this early on. It makes me happy that we made this choice together and that we get to share this experience with each other.

So, how do I feel? Tired and nauseous. I am really nauseous and am starving all of the time. It seems to be worse at night so I have to eat often to squash the queasiness. Other than that, I’ve had some cramping and strange pulling feelings like I’ve been doing crunches, but that’s about it. Actually, the most noticeable difference is in my dogs. They want to be around me all of the time. If you know my dogs, you know they naturally want to be around me and that Butters is especially attached to me. But it’s different now. They want to lick my mouth and my nose and get in my face. A lot. Butters wants on me at all times and even though she weighs 61 pounds, I don’t mind… but it’ll have to stop at some point. Maybe they know something is up? Maybe they know the world as they know it is about to change? Or maybe I just think they are acting different? Who knows.


We tried for 4 months, which is no where near long in terms of the “baby makin” process but I have to say that is strange that my acupuncturist told me to wait three months for a strong ovulation and then when she gave us the “go ahead” we got pregnant. Coincidence? Maybe. But I put my faith in her and acupuncture and I think it worked. I have never felt ovulation pain like I did that month and I just knew something was different. So now, I think I should send her some flowers or condoms or something!

I don’t want this blog to turn into a “pregnancy/mommy blog” but I will forewarn you that there will be lots of posts in those two departments because it is something I am experiencing on my Journey to Thirty. I am very excited but very nervous so you can really tag along on this ride because it’s gonna be a long one!


6 thoughts on “Turning Negative to Positive

  1. Whoa you saved the numerous pregnancy tests? Or is that normal protocol for newly pregnant women? Maybe women bring it out to show their jealous friends, like “Bam, see that, I’m pregnant, beeeetches!”

  2. haha, yes. I think it is protocol to keep them until you’re out of the first tri? My co-worker said his wife didn’t throw hers away until she was 6 months! I think it’s just a superstitious thing. But if you really think about it- it’s nasty cause it’s basically old pee!

  3. That is icky, but I never thought of it until you said so. Are they at least in ziplock bags?
    Either way, I’m excited and I want to babysit a lot!!!

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