A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I have weird dreams. Really weird dreams. In fact, I have been asked by one friend to never “invite him into my dreams again”. It wasn’t a dream like you are thinking, but…when I told him about the dream, he was creeped out.

I have really vivid dreams and most of my dreams are about stupid things, but other times, they are so crazy that I have to talk about them! The other night I dreamt of the Queen of England. I don’t know why, but socks were involved. I was asked to sew some knee-high patchwork socks for the queen. She hated me because I somehow made her socks that looked like something Johnny Rotten would have worn. The weirdest part was that Brad and Angelina were there with the Queen and I kindly recommended that he “cut his beard”. To make a long story short- I don’t know where any of that came from. It’s just how I operate in the night.

Sometimes I dream of manfriend cheating on me, sometimes I dream of driving and not being able to steer or use the brakes, sometimes I dream of being chased and not being able to run or scream, sometimes I dream of work (a true nightmare), sometimes I dream of deafening sounds and wake to find my alarm going off, and sometimes I dream of toddlers who turn into army men and I lose them in the couch.

When I mentioned a dream about fish a year over a year ago, one of my friends told me that fish dreams represent pregnancy and that someone I know is “knocked up”. So, in typical “Jennifer” fashion, I researched fish dreams. Depending on who you ask, it can mean myriad things. You tend to find that this belief is more prominent in black culture. I don’t know why it isn’t as prevalent in white culture, but someone should do a dissertation on it!

So, my first fish dream: There were 4 goldfish swimming up and down in unison. They had huge eyes and they all ended up gasping for air because I never put an air filter in the tank- turned out one of my friends was pregnant with her second child!

The second dream: A eel-type fish was swimming in dirty sink water- turned out my other friend was pregnant!

I had two fish dream about 2 weeks ago: One was of a betta fish swimming in a wine glass and the water was draining quickly. The other: I fed a fish Saltine crackers from my mouth like a mamma bird…which one of my friends/family members is it? (ETA: Turns out it was me. I found out I was pregnant 1 week after posting this)

None of those dreams are appealing and all of them were either creepy or gross. It doesn’t have any relation to pregnancy, it’s the belief that a fish is swimming in general that matters. I know it is a superstition but I cannot help but see the pattern.

What do dreams have to do with the Journey to Thirty? Well, dreams aren’t only those things that come to you in sleep. We dream of lots of things while awake just as we do when we are asleep. Sometimes our dreams scare us and other times- they make us laugh. Sometimes we wake from a dream thankful to be in our beds and safe and other times we wake sad that our dreams aren’t real. Whatever the case, dreams are interesting.

You may believe dreams hold no significance in your life or you may believe that dreams are subconscious manifestations of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Either way, I’ll encounter many more dreams on my “Journey to Thirty”. I’ll hope some of my dreams come true and I’ll hope to never dream of others but one thing I know for sure: most of them will make me or someone I know laugh because dreams are interesting like that. So, here’s to you and your dreams, asleep or awake!

3 thoughts on “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

  1. At least you didn’t have a dream where your pants were on the ground!

    Pants on the ground,
    Pants on the ground,
    Lookin’ like a foo with you pants on the ground,
    Gold in your mouth,
    Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground,
    Call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
    Walkin’ down town with yo pants on the ground,
    Get it up!!

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