Women in Tights

That is a play on one of my favorite movies of all time, Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Get it? Lately I have been rockin’ the tights! I love boots and love the way boots look with jeans and skirts, but I really like boots with tights! I think they make any outfit look  sassy and fun, and who doesn’t want to look sassy and fun? I own a couple pairs of boots but they are all flat. I can’t wear boots with heels. Not just because I am 5’11” (bare foot, seriously) but  because I am unbelievable clumsy and I would end up falling. I trip all of the time and it is not unheard of for me to stumble up stairs. Can you imagine what a mess that would be to add 1-2 inches to!?

I just bought this pair of amazing boots from J. Crew and these bad boys are amazing! They were a bit (OK, a LOT) over my price range but I have been drooling over them forever so I bought them. You can find the link to them here if you are interested, which, if you aren’t, there is something wrong with you! I love these boots and I love that they look especially good with jeans- and they are pretty flat. I haven’t worn these with tights yet but that is only because I need some camel colored tights to make them really work with a skirt. It is definitely true that t makes your legs look longer when you wear tights that are the same color as your boots.

Actually, the only reason I really made this a blog post is because I bought some slippers. Manfriend received some awesome slippers for Christmas and since I was wearing them more than he was, I decided I should buy my own. So, I bought a pair of slippers.

For some reason, I opted for a less traditional, I mean, more matronly looking slipper. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to these slippers! I liked that the slippers were called “Wicked Good Slippers” because I have been reading Wicked for what seems like forever! But I also liked that they snuggled up to your ankle, looked a little native, and were from L.L. Bean. So, now that I have my new slippers, I wear them all of the time. When I first put them on I thought they looked a little strange but it wasn’t until today that I realized what was so strange about them…

I wore a skirt today. This means I wore tights too. When I got off of work I came home, kicked off my boots, and put on the slippers! Usually I am in pajamas or lounge pants so the slippers seem fine. Today something was different. The slippers looked silly with my tights and my skirt. More specifically, I looked like one of the characters from Robin Hood: Men in Tights! It wasn’t until manfriend kindly pointed out the similarity that I started laughing and realized how ridiculous I looked.

If you desire a pair of these slippers, click here. Your slippers won’t come with the dog hair, but you get the point.

Maybe I was destined to buy these slippers because of my love for Men in Tights, but maybe not. The reality is this: it is definitely not ok to wear a skirt, tights, and slippers. Not even around the house. But who cares? What’s really important here is that we be comfortable on our Journey to Thirty, right? No matter how silly we may look doing it!

I know you are all dying to ask me the same question and the answer is: Yes, I am still wearing the skirt, the tights and the slippers as I type this. Because “let’s face it, you’ve got to be a man to wear tights!”

5 thoughts on “Women in Tights

  1. I have been trying to pull off the boots and tights look for so long! I bought boots, cheaper ones that don’t even look a fraction as awesome as yours, and tights. I haven’t been able to find a really cute long shirt or skirt to wear with them yet though. Suggestions?

  2. Props to you! If you can make buying boots and wearing them w/ tights seem relevant and fitting to the overarching motif of gravitating towards 30 then I’m confident you can make ANYTHING seem relevant! : )

    Oh and for some reason the J Crew catalogue reminds me of the J Peterman catalogue! In retrospect, J Crew was probably the derivation point that inspired the Seinfeld writers…

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