Behind Door Number 1…

A new car! Not for me, for manfriend. I bought a new car in 2007 and I am in love with it so this time it was manfriend’s turn to make a disgustingly large purchase before the end of the year (so he could get the tax credit). Actually, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a sweet new car than manfriend.

He has been driving his ’91 Blazer as long as we have been dating. Want a list of the slew of problems with it? Tough, I don’t know mechanics well enough- but I can tell you from the inside, I was scared to ride in it! The front seat belt latched, but don’t get too excited…it latched, but it didn’t work. If the situation called for you to slam on your brakes, the seat belt was there for looks rather than safety. Trust, you would be flung through the windshield with the seat belt. Only one of the back seat belts worked and there was no glove box. I don’t know how, but it did. Once while we were driving on the highway, the alternator caught fire. That was fun. The fuel tank had to be replaced, the engine had to be replaced, the radiator was cracked…and it squeaked. I don’t know how or why it squeaked but it did.

Here is a picture of the Blazer. I wasn’t around at the time this pic was taken, hence the whole “Ladies, call…” I do love this photo though, and we have it hanging on our refrigerator because it is so awesome. Manfriend and his friends drove to Idaho and decided they wanted to get some attention from the female variety while doing so. (A side note: apparently only 1 person called…)

So I complained for four solid years, I wouldn’t ride in the car unless I had to, but I think with the whole “baby thing” he realized he needs a new car. Since I have a Toyota and we know how great the cars are, we are now loyal Toyota folk. Manfriend wanted a Toyota 4Runner but those are ridiculously expensive and meant for “outbackin”and the RAV4 was just a bit too small, so we went with the Toyota Highlander. (I secretly was hoping he would choose this car anyway). The car is big but not huge. It has so much space and it’s no wonder this car is so popular, it is cozy! The car even has 3rd row seating, so I guess this means we better start popping the babies out.

I know the picture above kind of stinks and the weird angle looks kind of wonky, but I took it with my phone while it was raining, so this is as good as it gets. For a better picture, you can click here.

I thought it might be silly to post about a new car for any other situation, but this is a huge step for us. It’s a big commitment and I think it symbolizes where we are in our lives. We always talk about how the small things mean the most in life, but the big things mean a lot too. Especially when those big things make you feel safe sitting in the passenger seat riding out the Journey to Thirty.

Was this one a little bit cheesy? I thought so…

3 thoughts on “Behind Door Number 1…

  1. Purchasing new cars seems fairly congruent w/ the whole Jouney to 30 premise since it’s generally people who are reaching this age and beyond who purchase brand new cars. Most younger people purchase used cars since it’s virtually mandatory considering costs and their financial resources. So good job!

    P.S. Who is the handsome devil sitting in the back of the 1991 Blazer?

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