Bare Face

I recently read an article in Self about a woman who was tasked to take her picture with no makeup. It was so refreshing to read about her fears and the even better part– it had to be taken right after she woke up! She enlisted her husband to take the photo right after she woke up and they printed it in black and white (which is much more forgiving than color!)

I decided to do the same! Only I am going to “print” mine in black and white and color. I didn’t take my photo right after waking up but rather, right after my shower. I could have smiled to make my picture less dorky because I almost never smile without teeth so it’s a little weird, but what can you do when you are taking your own photo? I use to never go without makeup, ever. It wasted a lot of time. Now, I rarely wear makeup on the weekends and when I do, it’s usually pretty basic. That is, unless we are going somewhere…then I try to look nice.

Bare face

My usual arsenal of makeup includes: concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight powder, brow powder and mascara. That’s it. I sometimes use eyeliner or shadow, but that’s not a daily thing…anymore! I’ve always been known for my love of makeup but not in the freaky “MAC worker” ways; more so in my ability to apply makeup. Seriously. I am good at it. I even did my friend’s maid of honor for her wedding because it was taking too long for the makeup artist to finish the bride. It looked great though and I was completely impressed.

In college I use to finish my makeup then do my friends, my sisters, my friends’ sister, my sister’s friends, etc. It was fun and I sort of miss those days. Now, I only do others makeup on occasions when they ask for it, but on the whole,  I think it’s slowed down because most of don’t care about makeup that much anymore because we’re in relationships and if the guy can’t get with your bare face, then something’s wrong!

I can’t recall where my love of makeup started. I think I remember my mom having a Christie Brinkley makeup video that we watched incessantly and that is most likely where it began. Weird how you can trace things back so far and figure out how something has impacted your life, right? I’m no makeup snob though. I don’t buy “designer” only makeup as I think a lot of the department store makeup is better. I do have staples though and I have tested others only to find out that certain things are like Heinz ketchup– you should just stick with the name brand because it tastes better.

Those things are: MAC sheer powder in silver (this stuff is remarkable and I have tried others and nothing beats it), Loreal True Match foundation, and Physicians Formula Bronzer. Those three things are the only things I won’t swap out. Of course, you know I love mascara but I am willing to try any and I plan on doing something about eyeliner soon as so many people ask me how to put eyeliner on. You can find tutorials online, but I’ll give an inside scoop too.

In the end, I have learned to embrace my bare face. It took a while and a whole lot of “you look beautiful in the morning” from my partner to believe it but I look pretty good without makeup. In fact, I think my before pic looks better than my after as it makes my green eyes stand out. I guess makeup for me is one of those things I have used to cover freckles and zits and to enhance my eyes. I sort of realized that my “Journey to Thirty” is all about face and we should love ours naked or not.

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