Spa Weekend

A little over a month ago, my friend and I decided to have a “spa weekend” so over the weekend, that is where I was. It was my first time ever spending the night at a spa/lodge and treating myself to two treatments within 24 hours, but it was nice. If anything, the company and the scenery were the best parts! We went to the Salish Lodge & Spa located in Snoqualmie, WA. It was great because it is located right next to Snoqualmie Falls and it was truly beautiful.

We spent the first night snapping photos of the Falls…and ourselves. After the photo shoot, we had massages scheduled: she chose Thai Massage and I went for the Therapeutic Massage. My friend liked her massage a lot but I wasn’t 100% impressed. That’s pretty tough though because I love massage, but it felt too short and there wasn’t enough pressure. I could just be biased because the woman I normally get massage from makes me hurt (seriously) and I leave nauseous…but she is awesome and really knows what Therapeutic Massage is! So, I will admit– it left a bad taste in my mouth that I paid double for a massge that was sub par.

I ordered the “movie night” package, which entailed” delicious champagne, white chocolate popcorn, and a movie of our choice. Let me backup to that white chocolate popcorn because it was delicious. I mean, it rocked! The champagne was tasty too and though I am not supposed to drink, I downed 3-4 glasses of bubble while we watched “The September Issue”. We both revelled in how sad Anna Wintour’s life seemed and then we both passed out before the movie was over!

The next morning we scheduled our body scrubs. My friend chose the Rosemary Mint scrub and I chose the seasonal Peppermint scrub. It smelled amazing and I got a tasty hot chocolate, but again, it felt rushed and overpriced for what I received. I did love the body butter they used, but they were skimpy on the amount of body butter they use. Again, this could just be because we are used to slathering on lotion in what my friend refers to as “lotion baths”.

The best part of the morning was the spa tub in the room! We each took turns taking baths, soaking in the jet tubs and marveling at the color therapy lights in the tub. Initially, we planned on taking photos in the tubs but there were no bath bubbles in sight and I was paralyzed with fear thinking about seeing that image in real life! Though, that tub definitely won us over!

So while I am glad we both took a weekend getaway, I am more happy to realize that I don’t need a resort/spa to make me feel like I am getting the best treatment. I like the small place I go to and the awesome staff at Ascension Wellness because I get what I think is best for me at half of the price! I do think Salish Lodge & Spa would work wonders on people who aren’t used to massage or deep tissue treatments, but for us, it was just OK.

My “Journey to Thirty” is all about learning new things and figuring out what works for me in my life. I always thought those “spa getaway” packages seemed like a dream come true but after experiencing a spa getaway myself, I’ve learned I don’t necessarily need them. The company of my friend was the best part and laughing with her was the most fun. I’ve learned that the “Journey to Thirty” isn’t about where you go or what you do but how you arrive. I arrived home happy to see my manfriend, happy to see my dogs, happy to take a nap, and happy to have wasted a ton of money remembering how much I love my great friends.

4 thoughts on “Spa Weekend

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words and link. It’s great customers like you, writing articles or reviews on Yelp that help us so much. It also motivates us to know someone likes what we do.
    Thanks again & you have a great blog, I have enjoyed chuckling to it.

    Ascension Wellness Center

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