Holidays, Sew What?

Two months ago I bought a sewing machine. I grew up having a lot of my clothes sewn for me. My grandma is an amazing seamstress and always made us dresses and the ever popular Christmas pajamas– the pajamas we knew we would get for Christmas but could never wait to open them up because we loved them so much. So now, I guess I just want to be able to do the same. Plus, sewing is totally in style.

I am a sewing machine. Not literally, but figuratively. I am progressively getting better, but then again, the only things I have sewn are bird ornaments (Purl Bee), a table runner, and a stocking (also from Purl Bee). I planned on making two stockings of the same design but decided  to re-invent the pattern and make my second stocking with stripes. My reasoning: I get bored easily and needed to switch it up because I lost interest in the first design. None of these are difficult but at least it’s good practice. My next trick will be to make some simple/cute (hopefully) baby clothes for my co-worker and my friend who just told us about her pregnancy! We’ll see how it goes when I am done.

StockingThe most horrifying event was when my friend and I decided to have a sewing night and I ended up sewing my table runner all wrong. The runner is not from a pattern. I just guessed it. I knew I wanted to put batting in the between the fabric and muslin so I arranged, pinned, and sewed the whole thing. When I turned the runner outside in (is that the opposite if inside out?) I saw that I had sewn the batting on the outside of the runner! AH! My friend turned to me and asked “want the seam ripper?”. So, I spent the rest of the evening ripping apart the whole runner.

When I got home, my manfriend said “why didn’t you just cut the parts you sewed off instead of ripping out the whole thing?” It made total sense! But where was he when I first decided I needed to rip the whole thing apart? I guess sometimes you need someone who is on the outside looking in to tell you what the quick/easy fix is. In this case, I was irritated I didn’t think about it but thankful I sewed it wrong because now that I made that mistake, it will never happen again!

WreathOne of the other things I have been keeping myself busy with is creating holiday decor. I made this wreath last week and love it! I found that I love making wreaths! I also went over to Nicholas’ studio and made ceramic Christmas ornaments! This was a blast! I wanted the gingerbread people to look like they were sunbathing but I accidentally glazed them before I made them burn lines!


I love decorating for the holidays and my new sewing machine definitely makes that more possible! I like being able to create things and feel good that I made them and didn’t buy them. Not that there is anything wrong with buying things; I just like the idea of making things.

Every “Journey to Thirty” should be able figuring out what you can and cannot do and I like that I can make things that are lovely and I can sew…though I wince at the crooked lines. We’re all a little wobbly from time to time…it gives us character, right?

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