Fun with Pets

So, we just put up our tree. Or rather, I put up the tree and decorated it. Some people think it’s too early to get ready for the Holidays but I disagree. We are having a Christmas party this weekend, so we have to get the festivities ready. This means someone better get outside and start putting up lights asap!

Last week I bought my dogs holiday pajamas. I never put clothes on my dogs, so this is definitely out of the ordinary for me. I couldn’t resist though, because these are bordering on “feety” pajamas! The pajamas barely fit our yellow lab but they are adorable on our smaller dog. We also put this reindeer headband on them, but Chloe tolerates it more than Butters so that is why you only see them on her. Once the pajamas are on, the dogs won’t move. I mean, literally, they freeze. It’s like they are immobilized by embarrassment!

Chloe and Butters

So, these are pics of the Christmas “feety” pajamas I bought my dogs. I saw some of these pajamas for adults at Target the other day, but I resisted them. Why? Because it would just look disgusting if I matched my dogs. It’s bad enough I buy them pajamas and but antlers on their heads; I just couldn’t be that person.

I love messing around with my dogs like this because you can’t do this to humans. Well, you could, but you might not have any friends afterward! They let me do this and then once the pajamas are off they go back to being normal, mobile dogs. But, the five minutes I spend dressing my dogs up and playing photographer are a great five minutes because it makes me laugh.

This holiday season while on the “Journey to Thirty”, it’s important to have fun, share a smile and laugh…even if it is at the expense of something other than yourself! So, here’s to my doggies who allow me to dress them up and snap 100 pictures even though they hate it because in the end, they know I will take the pajamas off once I am done taking their pictures…or will I?


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