Thankful for Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches I have found that there is more to be thankful for this year than in years past. For me, anyway. I am thankful for so many things that I could list out, but it would just seem too superficial, so I would rather just say: THANKS.

CranberriesThis year my life has been changed dramatically. I found a job I love, gave the old heave-ho to my current job (terrifying), decided that we are ready for a baby, we’re struggling with not getting pregnant as quickly as we had hoped for, and I decided to make myself a huge priority in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big priority in my life. What I mean is: I decided I need to take better care of myself and work on making myself my priority in terms of happiness, being stress-free and trying to worry less about what I cannot control and more about what I can. That last one is a big one.

One of the biggest steps is being healthy. Since we get our produce from a local organic farm, Full Circle Farm, I already feel like that is a huge step in being healthy. The produce is delicious! Each apple is crisp! The veggies look like something from a magazine (see their carrots below) and I am making meals that are healthy and delicious.

Full Circle Farm

One of the other things I decided to do was join Weight Watchers. I was always opposed to this method of losing weight but I am willing to try it and it’s not too expensive. Of course, I did set a limit: if I see minimal results within 3 months, I’ll cancel. I’ll add what I am sure you are thinking: What kind of person signs up for Weight Watchers 2 days before Thanksgiving? I never said I was normal…

Since my current job ends in less than a month, I will finally be using that gym membership I’ve been paying for! I’ve always heard the phrase “I just don’t have enough time to work out” and knew it was a lie. It’s true for me. I wake at 5am, leave and return home by 8pm most nights. If you want to count in meals, there is zero time for me to work out with my current schedule. I look farward to my new teaching schedule and plan on working out and returning to spinning because though I hate the prospect of leaving to workout, I love returning from a workout!

So here is what I plan on doing this Thansgiving: eat, laugh, and sleep. That is it. I also plan on treating myself to a massage this weekend. One that hurts but feels wonderful at the same time. Shouldn’t we be thankful we are alive, healthy and happy? On our “Journey to Thirty” we should be thankful for our family, our friends, but also, ourselves. After all, we made it this far, right?

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