Biscuits Like My Mama Made

Biscuits Like My Mama Made

One thing I love about Fall is stew! I love the idea that I can pull out our slow cooker and make a meal the evening before work (or the morning of) and have a delicious meal when I get home. Another thing I love about fall is biscuits! My mom always made the best biscuits ever and I finally mastered them!

Last night I decided to make stew using the vegetables we get from Full Circle Farms, a local organic farm that brings the farmers market to us. I heard about this from my sister and I signed up immediately. We get a box of produce every other week and I like that it forces me to try new recipes. So last night I decided to throw our vegetables into the stew. I deemed this Mystery Stew.

Mystery Stew

Here is what went into the Mystery Stew: Pot Roast, lots of garlic cloves, bouillon cubes, carrots, onions, white potatoes, purple potatoes, chiogga beets, kidney beans, and brussel sprouts. Gross, huh? When I came home and stirred the stew, I couldn’t find the beets! I searched and searched. The beets were they, they just lost their color and looked like potatoes.

Needles to say, the soup is delicious. But more importantly, the biscuits I made to accompany the stew are even better! I used this recipe: J.P.’s Big Daddy Biscuits. The recipe isn’t difficult at all but last time I made them, I rolled them out too thin. This time, I didn’t roll them at all; I patted them out and they came out perfect! I also put them on my pizza stone and that worked out really well since I was to lazy to use anything else.


They taste just like the biscuits my mom used to make and they immediately made me happy. So what did I do? I ate a huge bowl of soup and three buttered biscuits. I stuffed myself sick but I feel good about it because it was exquisite! It;s amazing how one little biscuit brings back so many recipes. In our family, these biscuits are golden treasures. We all love them and will fight over the last one. They are warm and fluffy and I never thought I would be able to make them the way I remember them.

I never thought I would be as good a cook as my mom. I make strange things and think up weird concoctions but they always seem to turn out well in the end. The point is this: it seems like once I turned 28 a lot of things in my life changed, and one of those things is that I want my “Journey to Thirty” to be one that is full of great moments, great laughs, and great recipes…I think I am on my way.

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