Figleaves in Autumn

This is the time of year when the colorful leaves are falling; the air is getting crisp, winter is on its way, and figleaves will have more sales! You may have never heard of this site because it is based in the UK but this is the best site for lingerie in the world (my opinion).

Here is why I love figleaves: the bras fit…they fit well and they are cheap. That is it. Before you shop online for lingerie you should ALWAYS have a professional fit you so that you know your current size. Just because you were fitted last year doesn’t mean it’s acurate today. Got it? So, go get fitted at Nordstrom but don’t buy your bras at Nordstrom. Go home and buy your bras online from figleaves.

PeachyI am obsessed with this particular bra. It is called Just Peachy and I have one in every color (you think I am kidding…) This photo is not me, unfortunately, and I debated posting a picture of myself in my bra online but my pride would have none of that. Though, I still should because I have big breasts and it would be a representative sample of the fit/lift/cute factor of the bra.

One thing I love about figleaves is that their models are NORMAL looking. Take the image of the girl to the left: she is by no means a size 0 and she actually has boobs! But the best thing about figleaves is their customer service.  This is saying a lot considering customer service is at an all time low in this country. So, when I say they have excellent customer service, I really mean it.

I bought a convertible bra from them about 6 months ago. I only ever wore it a couple of times because it is a convertible bra and I only needed it for certain occasions. Well, one day I went to put it on and the part of the bra that holds the convertible strap was frayed and wouldnt hold the strap in. I emailed Customer Service and received an email reply the next day that read:

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a problem with this item. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Please could you give us some more information, then we can give you the best advice on what to do next…

FrayI emailed them back with a photo of the fraying (image to right) and gave them more information about how I wash the bra, etc and I received this response:

It certainly does look like a fault with this bra. We’re really sorry for any disappointment this has caused. Please dispose of the faulty bra you have there and we will send you a replacement bra as soon as possible.

About a week later I received my new bra! Whoo hoo! So, now you understand my loyalty to this company. Not only are their bras fantastic but it is nice to know that, as a consumer, my happiness is important to their company. So, from that day on I vowed to tell everyone I know about figleaves!

The lifespan of your bra is only about 180 days, yes, 6 months. And I can almost bet that everyone one of you is wearing a bra that is over 6 months old right now. Go buy some new ones. Don’t worry, you can buy 3 of these bras for the price of 1 bra from Nordstrom.

It’s important on our “Journeys to Thirty” that we pay attention to our bodies, but more importantly, to our breasts. These bras gift the best lift and separation and they are cheap; who would complain about that!? So, go do some early Christmas shopping and treat your “girls” to something special!

2 thoughts on “Figleaves in Autumn

  1. I STILL haven’t ordered these yet. Thanks for the reminder, I am certainly at the 9 month mark on a few of my bras…and the two+ year mark on another!

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