Spotlight On: Adult Acne!

This sucks! I am 28 and have acne!? I have never been one of those people who was blessed with fabulous skin but to be fair, I’ve never had horrible skin either. I’ve always been somewhere in between. I remember when I was younger and people would tell me “it’ll go away as you get older”. Well, guess what? It hasn’t yet!

Adult Acne

Another strike against my face is the fact that I have hyper sensitive skin. I’ve been to the dermatologist and have been prescribed Differin for my acne, only to have my face burn and peel like it was sun burnt. When I went back in, the doctor took one look at me and made me apply a topical steroid to make the pain/swelling go away. Then she sent me away with a prescription for a milder treatment. It works, but it’s about $70/month after insurance!

So, I quit taking the medication. And my face quit looking nice. I thought my break-outs were cyclical and revolved solely around my monthly cycles, but now I think acne just likes camping out and using my face as a host! For some reason, my acne always forms around my jaw line. When I was an adolescent my acne was always located on my forehead, chin and nose. I read somewhere that your cellphone is what causes breakouts on your chin. Makes sense if you look at where my zits are! But alas, I disinfect my phone all of the time and use speakerphone daily so I don’t press the phone against my face.

I also read somewhere that you should touch your face as little as possible during the day. Not only does it reduce the likelihood that your greasy fingers will populate a colony of  zits on your face, it also makes your makeup last longer and look better! So, I try not to touch my face and I try not to pick at my zits, but it seems impossible. If they are they, I am gonna try to excavate. (Sorry for the imagery).

Adult Acne

See, look at it! This picture to the right is an example of my day-to-day acne issues. So, I know my oily skin is an issue and is contributing to my acne, but I am also thankful for my oily skin because it keeps me from having wrinkles. I guess it is a fair trade off. Because for 28, I have zero wrinkles. Now I just jinxed myself and will wake up with a whole slew of new wrinkles in the am! The reality is this: I cannot believe I just posted pictures of my acne on the internet, but I know there are lots of you out there like me. My savior is make-up and my awesome manfriend who always tells me I am beautiful even when I complain.

There are few people I have met in my life who have gorgeous skin and when I see them I make sure to tell them they have beautiful skin. I think we take our skin for granted and those of you with gorgeous skin should celebrate it because you deserve it. Our skin in our biggest organ and I guess my skin is showing me that I need to work harder on being healthier. Here’s to hoping eating better and my new acupuncture regime will help.

What I do love about my skin are my freckles. I disliked them as a child but have learned that my freckles are a part of me and they make me happy every time I see them. I love my freckles and I love that they help to mask my acne!

Though I have cried and whined about my skin, I know it is a part of who I am and I have learned to accept it. Whether it is saggy, oily, pimply, pruney, grey, freckled, red or puffy it is yours. I guess our Journey to Thirty is all about being comfortable in your own skin. Literally.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Adult Acne!

  1. My acne got worse in a totally different way in my early twenties. I finally went to a good dermatologist about 3-4 years ago and found an actual solution, and it’s not too pricey. I also do Differin, but only every few days since it dries my skin. The big thing though is the prescription, which costs about $3 a month with insurance. I never thought there could be such an easy solution, but it really works for me. Only downside is you can’t be on it if you’re trying to get pregnant or are pregnant or breast-feeding. So eventually I’ll go back to the acne for a while in order to try to have kids.

  2. I guess the acne is worth it, right!? Right now I notice it’s worse right before I get my period, so at least I know when to expect it. It seems like now it goes away faster than it did when we were teenagers and I guess that is the only good thing!

  3. I’m 28 and also have the worst acne of my life right now! I hardly ever had a zit growing up, and now I think my face is making up for lost time. I wanted to recommend the MyChelle products to you. They are a tad pricy, but for about $30 you can try out the trial size kit for oily/acne skin. I’m only on my 3rd day of the new regime, but can already see a difference! Best of luck!

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