When All Else Fails, Snuggle…

Sometimes you need a hug, sometimes you need a drink, sometimes you need to cry, and sometimes you need a shrink! (Yes, I just made that up…) But the truth of the matter is that sometimes you need comfort and there isn’t really anyone around to give you that comfort.

Now, people tend to help most of the time, but to be honest and fair to 2 of my dearest friends, Chloe and Butters, there is no comfort like that of a furry friend. Whether your choice be your cat, your dog, your bird, or even a fish (you decide the fur factor) nothing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you are low like your furry friend.


My dogs bring me joy like you cannot imagine. Of course, they drive me crazy too. Like when Butters won’t let me sleep in past 5am and Chloe barks whenever she hears a fly barf, or our dear kitty Maude screams whenever she walks by. Yes, they make me crazy, but no, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I grew up a cat person. I mean, LOVED them. I even volunteered at a cat hospital one summer certain that I would become a veterinarian. My family soon noticed that I had a bleeding heart and tried to take everything home with me. I remember when I switched from cat lover to dog lover (this doesn’t mean I dislike cats in any way). Our family dog, Gretchen, whom I despised from the get-go cuddled with me when my boyfriend dumped me. That was it. I was cured of my dog hatred. Instead, I fell in love with her. I could go on and on about Gretchen but I will leave it at this: she changed my life and I am thankful to have her in my life. She stunk and chewed and scratched and would never “land”!  But even though she stunk, she was awesome. The day we put her down was, to this day, one of the hardest days of my life.


Why am I bringing this up on a blog about My Journey to Thirty? Here’s why: one of my friends just put his dog down because she was dying of lymphoma. Now, I never met his dog but I will tell you this: I cried the whole drive home the night he told me she was sick. I cried because I knew what he was losing and I know how it feels and I was sick even imagining that feeling again…yet, I know I will have to deal with it.

The idea of losing Chloe or Butters sickens me. I physically cannot force myself to think of it. (In fact, just typing that made me snivel.) I have witnessed friends lose their loved ones and I don’t know that there is a grief that can mimic the loss of a furry friend. But I do know this: the short time they grace our lives is worth all of the grief and sadness in this world.

My dogs have seen me do things no one should have to witness, and they never said anything about it! I could list a whole slew of embarrasing mishaps, trips, falls, drunken adventures, dancing etc, but that list would be too long so I narrowed it down:

Point 1: I was drunk and decided to do The Biggest Loser workout and jump rope in my living room! After that, I decided it was time for a Jennifer/Butters photo shoot that lasted about 30 minutes. The whole time I was drunk-roping, Butters stared at me motionless and visibly embarrassed but she dealt with the photo shoot like a professional.

Point 2: I’m pretty sure I have farted while Butters’ head was on my lap. Nuff said.

Point 3: Chloe has watched my manfriend and I “in action” more times than I care to count; one time she even jumped on the bed and licked his foot. Perv. Did she ever comment? No. In fact, she looked impressed most of the time.

Point 4: My dogs have seen my stub my toe, run into the living room screaming “owie owie owie” and throw myself onto the couch groaning like a toddler. And of course neither one laughed or stared in disbelief but rather came and licked my face.

Chloe and Butters

The point is this: dogs get you more than you get them. They don’t ask questions and they don’t need answers.

So, here is to you and your love for your furry friend(s). Wait, no. Here is to you and the love you receive from your furry friend. That’s more like it. I know when I have a bad day at work, I am sad about something, I don’t feel good and I just don’t want to talk to anyone, Chloe and Butters are there. They don’t ask why or how or who, they are just there asking for treats, climbing on my lap or licking my face. I prefer those things most of the time because sometimes- I would just rather not talk or have to explain the why’s or the how’s or the who’s.

One thought on “When All Else Fails, Snuggle…

  1. I must admit when I read the title I naturally assumed my man Tyler was going to be the cynosure, but instead Chloe and Butters got that honor! I would still like to give a shout out to Ty Ty! (I know, shoutouts, classy, right?).

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