Sick Sucks

One of the worst things about getting older is that you still get sick! I get that everyone gets sick, but it sucks. At least when you are little coughing without covering your mouth is more accepted, barfing in public is more accepted, and crying because you are in pain in more accepted. None of that flies once you get older!

Last week I had an awesome day with my friend, who not only shared some awesome laughs with me, but  shared some sweet germs with me. Who better than a friend right? The point is this: where does sympathy go for being sick once you get older? I’ll tell you where. It goes out the window, no one cares. In fact, I don’t even have sympathy for sick people so why would I expect sympathy? Where the problem really shows up is at work.

Once you get older and get sick, it doesn’t matter that you have so many sick days, you still are expected to work and if you go home early you tend to get that funny looking “side glance” from your co-workers who think “She’s not that sick. I felt that way last week and still came to work”. I am sure you have all experienced this, right? Well, it sucks and I don’t care. If I am sick, I am going home, end of story.

So, I spent the better half of last week and the weekend laying on the couching drinking tea, hot toddy’s, juice, and Theraflu. All the while, my manfriend waited on me like I was totally dying! It was definitely awesome. Not the whole throat on fire, lazy, stinky part but the feeling sick and knowing someone will take care of you part. I felt like I was a little kid again and that being sick was OK.

So, who takes care of you if you don’t have an awesome partner? An awesome friend? Or you just live to far away? Are you forced to suck up being sick even though it sucks? I think being sick sucks for everyone, it doesn’t matter what age you are. If you feel sick you should be allowed to stay home, cry, and live in your pajamas until you feel better! So how about this: on our Journeys to Thirty, let’s enjoy being sick. Not in the literal sense, but in the “I can lay around, watch TV, not shower, eat and still lose weight” sense!

P.S. I really wish I would have taken some sick-pics to post, but my head is only just working fully today. Next time…

2 thoughts on “Sick Sucks

  1. I agree, there’s little redeeming about being sick, but if you can arrange for it to happen when someone is there to care for you thennnnn… maybe it’s a little awesome. It validates the proverbial border crossing from adult to child; of abandoning responsibilities — someone else will take care of it. As an adult those moments rarely happen or are rarely worth the compromise: milk it.

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